NAACP President Ignores Stats On Florida When Confronted By CNN Host


Derrick Johnson, President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples (NAACP), rebuked a CNN anchor Monday who listed statistics claiming that Florida was a good place for minority-owned businesses.

The NAACP has issued a travel alert for Florida, claiming that the state “devalues” and “marginalizes” “communities of colour”.

The NAACP stated that Florida is “openly hostile” to African Americans, peoples of color and LGBTQ+. Before traveling to Florida please be aware that Florida marginalizes and devalues the contributions and challenges of African Americans and communities of color.

Sara Sidner, CNN’s Sara Sidner, then presented statistics that showed minority-owned business in Florida fared better than other states.

Sidner asked, “I would like to ask you… the Florida Chamber of Commerce has sent CNN a press release about the NAACP advisory you sent out.” “Here’s what it says:’regarding a national group’s warning to certain travelers, there is no comment.'” In the United States, Florida is now the top state for the number of black-owned companies, second for Hispanics, and second for women-owned firms. ‘”

When you hear these numbers, they’re saying that African-Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities are doing well in the United States when it comes down to owning their own businesses, making money, and living decent lives. How will you deal with that issue?

Johnson stated, “First off, the propaganda language used over the past several years was not due to anything DeSantis did in terms of policy.” Florida is a beautiful place. People would love to visit it. He’s fighting Disney, the biggest company in Florida, over tourism. They have just taken out a billion dollar. By removing the variety of learning opportunities for children, he is reducing the quality education. He is trying to harm people by claiming that everyone can carry guns without a license. These are not policies that will attract business, they are policies that are regressive and are bound to fail.

“You can use whatever language you want, but the policies he has put in place have been harmful to too many people.”

Florida’s Republican Governor prompted the move to issue an advisory. Ron DeSantis rejected the original Advanced Placement African American Studies class that included queer theory. DeSantis claimed that teaching black history was a “core” curriculum, but queer ideologies were “indoctrination.”