Musk’s Twitter Threatens to Sue Meta Over Threads App


Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter was great for freedom of speech.

That very freedom drove the liberals mad and many said they were going to flee to other venues. Yet they stayed and still pontificated on Twitter.

But it stood to reason that the powers that be would try to take on Musk. They don’t like to lose control of the narrative.

Mark Zuckerberg launched his challenge to Twitter, “Threads”, on Wednesday. He claimed that by the afternoon, he had received 30 million signups.

Jack Dorsey said that they would collect all sorts of data about you, and “All your threads belong to us.”

As we have seen in the recent past, you can’t expect any information to be kept private.

It also shares many similarities with Twitter, allowing users to post up to 500 characters and to share up to 5 minutes. The app allows users to post photos, videos, and links.

Threads have a similar design to Twitter, with a central feed of posts from users they follow. It also allows you to turn on notifications and recommend content from other users. Both features are available on Twitter.

Musk joined in on the fun, mocking the Threads launch. He also said that Threads consisted mostly of things copied and pasted directly from Twitter.

He also said a few things that were serious about what Zuckerberg did. Twitter has threatened to sue Meta for “systematic willful and illegal misappropriation” (of Twitter’s IP and trade secrets) as well as scraping Twitter’s data. In a cease and desist letter, Twitter’s attorney Alex Spiro laid out the details.

Elon confirmed his threat to sue them if they did not stop.

Musk said that cheating was not acceptable.

Some commentators pointed out that there was already censorship going on in Threads. Michael Shellenberger, a journalist, pointed out the issue and said that they didn’t offer any appeal avenues (unlike Twitter).

These posts were made to dissuade people from following them.

They also nuked threads with factual information they did not like.

This sounds like an epic fail. They believe they can destroy Twitter by undercutting its price. It’s probably a good idea to use it if you want your data to be mined and censored. I suspect that this is not going to work very well, except for maybe just liberals who are looking to be heard in a censored echo chamber.