Multiple Journalists Press KJP On LA Times Reporter’s Question Being Written On Cheat Sheet


Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary, was asked by several White House journalists on Thursday why Joe Biden’s printout from the day before’s press conference informed him about a journalist question even though she had not asked it.

The cheat sheet was captured by a photographer at the joint press conference between Yoon Suk Yeol, the South Korean president, and Biden, held in the rose garden of the White House on Wednesday. It included Courtney Subramanian’s name as the reporter, along with her prepared question. The sheet included details on how to pronounce Subramanian’s name, and that her question would be the very first.

The question Subramanian posed was not exactly the same as that on the sheet, but it was about the same topic.

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Henry asked the press secretariat “why the President needed” the cheatsheet. The press secretary replied that the question on sheet was different than the one asked and that “specific” questions are not planned beforehand.

It is normal for a President to be informed of the reporters who are going to ask questions at a Press Conference and what we anticipate they will ask. Jean-Pierre explained that it was not surprising that we anticipated the questions he received yesterday on his visit with the South Korean President. We do this briefing every day and we also use the questions you ask me to brief him. We don’t have any specific questions prepared in advance. That is not what we do. In fact, the question asked was different from the one on the card you all saw.

Diana Glebova, Daily Caller White House Correspondent, then asked how the White House selects the reporters who will ask questions. The White House press secretary explained that the White House contacts a number reporters to see if they haven’t been asked a question in recent press conferences.

We are very careful about who we choose and to whom we speak and how we proceed with [ABC News Senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce] and Courtney. She said, “We thought it was reasonable to want to speak with the Korean American, since we had the South Korean President at this press conference.”

Gray Television White House reporter Jon Decker asked, “Is it you contention, Karine?” about the similarity of the question to the one on the sheet.

Jean-Pierre snuck in: “I don’t take calls, Jacqui is not finished.” “Your colleague has not finished.”

Decker replied, “It’s a reasonable question.”

She asked, “No, I understand you, but could you please wait for your turn?”

“Absolutely,” was his response.

The press secretary turned to Heinrich and said, “Thanks, John. I appreciate it, I really do.”