Mötley Crüe Co-Founder Mick Mars Sues His Own Band


Mick Mars, Motley Crue’s co-founder, is suing the band because he was kicked out and he wasn’t fairly compensated.
According to TMZ, the band is currently on its farewell tour with Mars. Mars announced that he would not be on the road because of an incurable arthritic condition called ankylosing spondylitis. Mars claims that he was completely excluded from the tour, despite his agreement to record with them and perform in limited performances. However, the lawsuit indicated that he was willing to participate in recording sessions with the band.

According to TMZ, he claims his share of the profits from Motley Crue has been reduced from 25% to five percent. He is asking that Motley Crue show him the financial records to prove that he is owed what he believes he is owed.

Mars has been the lead guitarist and co-founder of the band, and has played a significant role in the band’s success since its inception. According to TMZ, legal documents show that the band is making Mars feel like the five percent they are offering him is a generous share of profits.

According to TMZ, Mick claimed that the band members met and decided to “unilaterally remove” him from Motley Crue.

According to Mars, the suit is personal in nature and contains accusations that Nikki Sixx, bassist for Mars, was guilty of “gaslighting him” about his guitar skills. According to TMZ, he also reportedly retaliated against Sixx, stating that Sixx was prerecorded and not performed live on tour.

The situation is still evolving.