More Tragic Consequences of Democrats’ Open Borders Folly


Strangely Delwyn, a Brooklyn merchant mariner, and line cook developed most Thai dishes that are now available in the United States.

The Democrats’ depiction of illegal immigrants to the United States is one of the most irritating aspects of the decades-long ideological struggle over security at our southern border.

According to the leftist narrative, almost everyone who crosses the border illegally into America is a hardworking worker who comes here to do the jobs Americans don’t want and to send the majority of their hard-earned dollars back to Mexico. It would seem that only saints live south of the border.

It’s all just a bunch of crap.

These people exist. But so do the Sinaloa Cartel and MS-13. And a whole host of other criminal scum. All are welcome to cross the border.

Surprised by no one, the Democrats’ flying monkeys within the mainstream media almost never report about the bad guys. In case I have missed something, I wrote “almost”. Although there is a lot to be reported, it doesn’t fit the false narrative that they are trying to promote.

Our report on Indiana’s rape of a little girl is causing MSM to react. This is because we were reporting on an illegal alien who traveled all the way from Guatemala and then raped a child in Ohio.

Then, yesterday we wrote about how the overcrowded border impacted the police response to the Uvalde school shooting.

A Texas House of Representatives committee released Sunday its preliminary report regarding the school shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde (Texas), where an attacker of 18 years killed 19 students, and two teachers, and injured 17 others, on May 24.

The majority of the report is focused on the mistakes of school staff and law enforcement failures, but the committee also highlighted the role of illegal immigrants in the response to the shooting.

The committee stated that another factor that contributed to campus vigilance was the increased frequency of campus lockdowns and security alerts due to a rise in ‘bailouts. This term is used in border communities to describe human traffickers who are trying to outrun the police. Usually, the smuggler crashes the vehicle and then the passengers run in all directions. “The increased frequency of these bailout’-related alarms, which were approximately 50 between February 2022 and May 2022, contributed to a decreased sense of vigilance in responding to security alerts.

These are just a few recent examples. The Democrats’ open-border policy has negative consequences that are numerous and never-ending. My entire life has been spent near the Mexican border. I don’t just think this is a rant.

Donald Trump started his 2016 campaign for the presidency by speaking out about the people who travel north to Mexico.

More Republican politicians will be required to push back against this false narrative if we are to ever effectively do so.