Mike Rowe Says Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act Might Just Be Another Pie in the Face of America


It was there. Clueless Joe Biden signed the multibillion-dollar climate hysteria bill and tax increase bill, absurdly dubbed “Inflation Reduction Act”, surrounded by clapping-seal Democrats including West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

Mike Rowe, a former host of “Dirty Jobs,” addressed the issue in his typical everyman style during a Tuesday appearance on Fox & Friends. Rowe, who is a favorite of millions of Americans who have grown tired of political doubletalk, groupspeak and political doubletalk, stated that everyday Americans will look past the bill’s title and evaluate it by its impact on the economy and how it affects their lives.

Rowe asked, “Can we have bills that actually do what they say in their title?”

He continued:

If the Inflation Reduction Act really reduces inflation, then let’s start a discussion about the nuts and pieces of the bill. We’ve reached the point where everything doesn’t mean what it says. This puts us in an emperor’s new clothing mentality. No one is going to say, “Hey, that guy’s bare!”

The whole country is saying, “Wait. This is it again? We can start again with the title of the thing. But it doesn’t seem like the thing is named. Then we need to have the discussion: How does this affect the middle class?

It would be an understatement to say that the Democrats are not off to a great start.

This smoldering dumpster fire is just one of many that the president has deliberately created, from lying about tax increases for tens to millions of Americans in the middle class to untold job losses, and everything in between.

Rowe asked Rowe, “What’s the point?” He answered in his folksy style, “If it lives up to its name, it will impact them positively.” If it doesn’t, it’s another pie in your face.” Joe Biden’s 19-month tenure has seen him cover the faces of many millions of Americans with pie.

Rowe stated that it was almost impossible to have a rational discussion about this because it “flies past people”. It is worse.

It’s not hard to see. What happens when you try to have a rational conversation? It’s about anything. Every second a conservative brings up facts and data, history, logic, or common sense, is the nanosecond that the average liberal loses their mind in an emotional (pick one or several) worlds of unattainable utopias, condemnation, hate, or violence. (See: Antifa Riots, post-Roe threats to assassinate Supreme Court Justices and/or their families, etc.

Rowe stated that “Years ago when I founded Mike Rowe Works the skills gap was 2.3 million jobs.”

The number of unemployed was the main headline every day. We were obsessed with 10 million people without work. It became impossible to speak of a few million jobs. Today there are 7.5 million jobs available and very low unemployment.

He then nailed it.

We still don’t understand why all this opportunity exists. It should reflect who we are as people and what we want to do for work. It doesn’t say much, I fear.

It is part of what it says that the Democrat Party has spent six centuries breeding “takers”. They have disincentivized large sections of society from working for a living while simultaneously condemning “makers”, especially those who make too much, and demonizing the creators of jobs. All the while, they have devised scheme after scheme that shares one commonality: massive wealth distribution.


A government that robs Peter in order to pay Paul can always rely on Paul’s support.

There have never been more true political words.

Remember: Everything the Democrat Party proposes or opposes, accepts, or rejects can all be linked to the ballot box using no more than two dots. The inflation Reduction Act is an example of this.