Michigan Woman Recounts Attack by Savage Cannibalistic Rapist Who Said She Was a Wolf and Bit Off Friend’s Ear


A Michigan woman described an eerie nightmarish attack that she compared with horror movies. Her former friend allegedly attacked the victim and bit her ear.

It started as a friendly gathering

Allison Thompson Weaver was invited to her home by a 48-year-old woman, on Sept. 16, 2019, to have some alcoholic drinks.

Weaver is accused of making sexual advances toward the homeowner, but she was not interested.

According to WDIV, the victim claimed that she put the alcoholic drinks she brought – he took them down. “She came over to me and gave me a hug. It had been a while since we’d seen each other. She began to kiss me. I tried to stop her from kissing. She opened her mouth to kiss my lips.

According to reports, the homeowner fell asleep after which a nude Weaver woke him up.

“My whole life has changed”

“On September 16, 2019, I was forever changed.” The victim told Weaver in court that if the police hadn’t arrived from the neighbors calling 9-1-1, the victim would have been killed.

An anonymous woman claimed that she recalled jumping from her bed to see Allison and standing on all fours on the bed. I gave her a frightening look. I was like, “Allison! Allison!” “I just kept getting this look back from her, with her head moving in a random direction. I was like “What are your doing?” She just lunged at me and began strangling me.

According to the victim, she still has some memories from the attack. “First, she woke me up in my bed and put me in an animal-like crawling posture. Then, she strangled me until I went unconscious”

She stated, “I do remember seeing pure evil in her eyes, but I believe that nothing can save them.”

The ‘cannibalistic rapper told the victim that he would rape him.

The victim claimed Weaver had attacked her breasts, stomach, and face, inflicting permanent nerve damage.

She claimed she had taken my ears and parts of my body from me.

After gaining consciousness, the woman described the intense pain she felt. After being raped, beaten, and literally eaten alive, she couldn’t move.

“Then she said, “You must die.” I begged her to tell me, “I’ll do what you want.” She laughed, said “It’s too late,” and then started to strangle me once more. The woman remembered. She laughed and said, “It’s too late.” And then she began to strangle me again.

The victim claims that the photos of her covered in bite marks and severe cuts “just begin” showing the horrors this cannibalistic rapper has caused her, but she smiles at the end.

Assailant claimed he was a “wolf” during a sex attack

Residents of Lake Village Apartments in Rochester Hills were subject to a brutal sex attack. The resident told police that he could hear someone crying and asking for help.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office answered the call at 1:33 AM, September 17, 2019,

Deputies knocked on the victim’s door but they were not answered. Police said they found the victims in a bedroom through unlocked doors and that they had entered.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office’s Sgt. Jason Dalbec testified that they saw two women covered with blood in 2019. One was lying on her stomach, and the other was sitting beside her. Both were confused and dazed.

Shawn Hopkins and his Deputy stated before the courtroom that the victim lying on her stomach was the victim. The victim with the head was on the floor. The victim with the head was on the floor.

Hopkins stated that Weaver appeared happy. Hopkins also said that Weaver looked relaxed. The victim was almost in shock.

Hopkins stated Hopkins that Hopkins had told Hopkins that Ms. Weaver told her that they were having consensual sex and that their victim was a vampire. Ms. Weaver was also a wolf.

Hopkins wasn’t impressed with the victim’s state of affairs. He stated, “I noticed that her outer edge — which is the curve at the back of her ears — seemed to be missing just below the earlobe to the top of her ear.” ”

The Deputies claimed that Weaver had been drinking and taking drugs. They found marijuana packages and prescription medication in his kitchen.

Weaver was taken into custody by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Dalbec said, “This is very rare.” This is one of those rare instances for a deputy.

It was an amazing miracle that I survived the horror film attack.

The victim told the court she didn’t know why she chose her for her victim. Doctors at the hospital said that it was a miracle that I survived that attack.

The victim stated that she suffers excruciating pain every hour due to the many bite wounds and what she did to her body. ”

She stated, “I am learning how to live with the pain, scars, and stares. But what scares me is the nonstop visions in my demon eyes that are killing me and the possibility she will try this again one day.”

Judge says that the word ‘horrific” isn’t the right one to describe the savage attack

Nanci Grant was an Oakland County Judge who stated that the victim had been subject to more severe abuse than in murder cases.

Grant said that the victim started her statement with the words, “It was almost like watching a horror movie.” Grant stated that the victim began her statement by saying, “It was like being in a horror movie.” He said that it felt like reading a horror film script.

Grant said that he has been in the area for 25 years and had seen many cases of murder, but not this one. He also stated that he couldn’t imagine how Grant felt about what Grant did to his wife. Also, I am the first to see the medical records regarding her injuries to her body and face.

Weaver was 47 years old and was charged with second-degree sex conduct, assault with intent to cause great bodily harm, and assault with intent to maim. Weaver also pleaded guilty to assault charges.

Judge Grant sentenced Weaver to 10-15 years in prison and ordered her registration as a sex offender.

Grant claimed that Grant believed that the sentence was the best solution to the matter. Weaver was given the gift of Weaver.

The sentence shocked the victim.

The woman claimed that it was unfair that she took so much from me that she will never be capable of getting back.

Weaver told the court she would like to offer her condolences to the victim’s family. It is a shame.