Does Michigan Imam Denounces Violence After Hamas Calls for Attacks on Americans?


Could the war in Israel spill over to the United States of America? It sure seems like some people want it to.

Hamas never hides the fact that it wants to destroy Israel as part of an overall jihad for Islam. It was therefore inevitable that Hamas would incite violence against Americans, given both this aspiration and the Biden government’s still-shaky support for Israel’s defense effort. It is even more shocking, for those who believe in the establishment’s comforting fiction, that this call was made right here at home.

Hamas operative Sami Abu Zuhri declared recently that Biden regime Secretary-of-State Antony Blinken was just as bad, despite pressing Israel to be lenient with the warriors in jihad: “When Blinken justifies the killing of children and women, the sons our nation should tell him: you are the enemy, like Netanyahu, and must pay the cost, like Netanyahu. We should remember this.” Yes, indeed.

You’re probably wondering when Blinken justified killing women and children. The answer is, of course, never. Blinken is repeating Hamas propaganda when he warns Israel to do more to reduce the deaths of civilians. In reality, the number of casualties among civilians in Gaza is lower than the death toll in other recent conflicts.

Abu Zuhri still wants American blood. “Now, it’s our turn to put pressure on the Americans to end this war.” We need to commit violent acts everywhere against American and British interests, as well as the interests of other countries who support the occupation.

We’d need a student from an American university to explain how people who call for violence on civilians who have no involvement in the conflict can have the moral high ground. Those who do everything they can to minimize civilian casualties are deserving of the world’s opprobrium.

Ahmad Musa Jibril, a Muslim cleric who has called for terror attacks by jihad against Americans, has echoed this call. Jibril is not in Britain or Baghdad, nor Balochistan, as reported in a New York Post report on Friday. Jibril is a Michigan-born Islamic scholar. His current location is unclear, but the Middle East Media Research Institute identifies him to be based in Michigan. The Twitter/X account, which posted Jibril’s call for jihad, is based in Chicago, and “managed” by students.

Jibril, in contradiction to the false narrative Americans have been fed for two decades, declared that “yes, the holy war is jihad.” It may surprise many people who grew up in the West. Especially those born after 9/11. The growing number of hypocrites who spread American-Zionist Islam has nothing to do with Islam. That version of Islam and Islam that suits enemies.

The current events are a wake-up call for Muslims to normalize mentioning jihad’s proper meaning and putting it back into their vocabulary. These events should serve as a reminder to Muslims that they need to normalize mentioning the proper meaning of jihad and put it back in their vocabulary. The term Jihad should be common and normal on the tongue, in social media, and in mosques.

He said that this should be part of lifelong education: “It is time mothers indoctrinated their children with the love of Jihad and the ambition to become mujahids and martyrs.” In the Islamic context, a martyr is someone who lives up to Allah’s promise in the Qur’an of paradise for those who kill and are killed. America called Jibril a “vicious enemy of Muslims.” The meaning of his words is clear: Muslims must wage jihad against America. Ahmed Musa Jibril is a young man in America who has been listening to the words of Ahmed Musa Jibril. The FBI under the Biden regime hunts “white supremacist terrors” and “Jan. 6 “insurrectionists”.