Mexicans Are Fed-Up With Americans Moving to Their Cities


For decades, illegal immigration has overrun the American Southern border at different levels. These problems have only gotten worse under the Biden administration. Millions of illegal immigrants cross the border every year and most end up in the country’s interior. This is the setting in which I will be sharing my story.

I am a writer and I use the internet at various levels. But this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

This isn’t a parody. This is a real news network that is reporting a serious story about Mexicans upset at the fact that legal immigrants (race highlighted in the video) are moving into their cities. To give you an idea of the situation, there are 5.4 million illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States. We are referring to a few thousand Mexican-Americans who have moved to Mexico City because of the lower cost.

Irony has no limits, and that is what I mean.

What’s the problem? The main complaint is that Americans are driving up rent prices in the local area by moving in. I find it hilarious, considering how much illegal immigration has cost Americans. Over the years, we are talking about billions of dollars in taxpayer spending. It’s supposed to make me feel bad that a few spoiled Mexicans living in the wealthiest city in Mexico have to dine with white people.

This is even more amazing because it all happens within modern woke ideology. According to the report, the “modern colonialism” of whites moving to Mexico City is “modern.” This means that it’s okay for millions upon millions to illegally enter the US, putting strain on resources, but it’s “colonialism for some older, white people to own their apartments in Mexico City.

This is not the first time we have heard about this complaint. A similar report was also reported by a colleague back in July. This is apparently a completely absurd story because it doesn’t make sense.

This isn’t anti-Mexican or some kind of anti-Mexican take. I think Mexicans can be great and their food is amazing. The irony is too funny not to share. I also really blame the news outlets for continuing to run with these stories, instead of pointing out absurdities. You’re just kidding.