Mayorkas Under Fire from Republicans Over Border Failures


The Republicans of the Judiciary Committee hosted a barbecue Wednesday. The guest of honor was Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The Biden administration failed to deliver at the border and Republicans were quick to blame the DHS secretary.

Andy Biggs, Arizona Rep., criticized Mayorkas’s failure to take responsibility for the disaster at the border.

“You and I have had this song and dance before, you never wanna answer the question,” Biggs said when Mayorkas evaded the question of blame for the administration’s failed policies at the southern border.

Tom Tiffany, Wisconsin Rep., lit a fire underneath Mayorkas’s chair by quoting FBI Director Christopher Wray at a previous hearing. He said that there are “very serious criminal threats” crossing the border.

“That was from FBI Director Wray two weeks ago, i.e. saying that the border is out of control.” Tiffany replied, “You say it’s in control.” “Wray or you, who is lying?”

During this hearing, the gloves were off. Colorado Rep. Ken Buck accused the secretary, in essence, of murder because the spike was fentanyl that crossed the border.

“Mr. It is your duty to protect our border from fentanyl trafficking. Buck stated that “the fentanyl which kills thousands of Americans each year is directly a result of your negligence.” Buck said, “When people die from fentanyl poisoning it’s your fault.”


Roll Call

Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican Representative, said Mayorkas was “the most dishonest individual who has ever appeared in front of the Judiciary.”

Rep. Ben Cline was close to impeachment, but he didn’t use the term.

You should be ashamed. You should also be held accountable. “This committee will do that and I am also committed to making it happen,” said the Virginia Republican.

Jeff Van Drew, a Republican New Jersey Representative, was the only one to call for the Secretary’s impeachment. Mayorkas was urged to resign and he said, “If you won’t resign then we have no choice.” You should be impeached.”

Mayorkas responded to Republican jabs by disputing the characterization that the border was “open”. He also maintained that the challenges of fentanyl and other drugs at the border predate Biden’s administration.

Democrats weren’t too happy with the proceedings, as Republican after Republican used Mayorkas to punch.

Jerrold N. Nadler, a New York Rep., complained that the hearing benefited the “right-win machine outrage”.

“Today’s congressional hearing will not concern legitimate oversight,” Nadler stated that the chairman, along with the majority of his colleagues, will use the hearing today as a basis for an impeachment attempt against Mayorkas. It will be just one more piece of political theater by the right-wing outrage machines before the August recess.

Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California, tried to argue that border crossings were lower in May 2023 than last month. It’s true. Biden, however, has allowed illegal aliens into the country by simply making an appointment at the border with a CPB Agent. In Central America, there are several immigration stations where border-crossers can obtain permission to enter the country legally while they wait for their asylum claim to be heard.

Title 42 has been repealed, but the border is still not “secure”. Biden allows migrants to enter the United States and wait until an immigration judge clears them.

Republicans did not want to divert attention from their scathing attacks on Mayorkas by talking about impeachment. Mayorkas is going to hear about impeachment or resigning next time.