Mass Shooting Facts to Shut Down Liberals


Don Lemon prays only when there is a mass murder that the gunman is white.

CNN’s lefty, Sitzpinkler, came up with the idea for snake eyes because the shooter was Hispanic. That changes the narrative for the left. Here is their playbook:

1. If the shooter is white, it is called “white supremacy”. This proves that white people can be evil.
2. When the shooter is a minority, blame easy access to guns, usually by attacking the NRA, which is run by “selfish, conservative, white, gun nuts.” The race of the shooter has nothing to do with it. Bury the story and move along.

The View’s harridans are already preparing for the show. They’ll be targeting Republican politicians, the gun lobby, and big, scary “assault weapons” (or as they call them now, “weapons to war “). Talking boring about the problem will not solve it. Gun-grabbers will not hesitate to climb on dead bodies to get what they want.

Mass shooting refers to the shooting of four or more people in fast-moving situations. Not including the shooter in a fluid situation.

It’s almost as if you’re trying to get your urine from a swimming pool to get guns out of America. You can bet that illegal gun sales flourish in every major city.

All my guns were damaged in a boating accident on the Great Lakes. It was Lake Huron, Michigan, or the real deal.

Let’s take a look at the Democrats attacking our guns.

Don’t give up your guns like Australia

The left attempts to shame people into giving their guns up.

This jackpudding.

Democrats shouting “gun violence” also keep legacy criminals out of jail or keep them out of prison through enforcing low/no bonds laws.

Andrew Abdullah (25), NYC’s most famous subway gunman, was taken into custody after he shot Daniel Enriquez without any apparent motive.

Nobody would ever give up their firearms.

Australia took a number of measures to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the fact that Australia’s survival rates for all cases are 99.9%, this is still a remarkable response. After a 1996 mass shooting that resulted in the deaths of 35 people, they gave up their guns.

What is coffee patrol? It’s crazy:

Eric Adams, NYC Mayor, claims he is committed to getting guns off the streets. Left-leaning “community leaders,” however, are against this because they believe it would only make things worse.

From the ’90s, The Assault Rifle Ban is Back

Democrats are missing the “good times” of 1994’s “assault weapons prohibition.” The ban didn’t prohibit firearm sales. The ban did not prohibit firearm sales. You’ll be amazed at how easily an AR can change.

If you insist that there are no “assault weapons”, your sister-in-law’s vegan boi cub will claim that the AR-15 is an “assault weapon”. The wrong weapon is the ArmaLite Rifle. ArmaLite created this weapon in the 1950s.

You can keep your shotguns and handguns but you should give up your AR-15s

Rifles are far more dangerous than semi-auto assault weapons or bolt-actions. People are more likely to be killed by kicks and/or beats than by rifles.

A chart has been provided by the FBI showing the types and weapons used to kill victims between 2015-2019.

The Uvalde attacker declared his intention to attack an elementary school on Facebook. Without Zuckerberg’s assistance, I couldn’t tell a COVID-19 story.

The majority of mass shootings were committed in the MAGA Hats by Drooling White Supremacists.

Numerous reports I have seen indicate that at most 70% of mass shootings were committed by black men.

We’ve all heard about the massacre in Buffalo, N.Y. on May 14th. But did you know that 17 people were shot in Milwaukee the same night? The mainstream media (MSM), is selective in the mass shootings that it reports on.

Looking for guns to protect you?

This steams my mussels.

Last week, a 70-year-old woman shot an intruder and killed him?

Two of the intruders were shot by the homeowner and held them at bay until police arrived

A man that killed a woman for attacking their wife on their lawn.

More gun laws are needed

It’s complicated! Americans who are law-abiding should not have to jump through so many hoops.

Gun-related offenses could be punished

We don’t always know what the right way is. That is the problem that all of us have to deal with. It’s possible that we won’t be able to stop being insane.

The Buffalo shooter told his school he wanted to shoot them. The cops were called, the shooter spent a few days in a mental hospital in June of 2021, and yet he was allowed to graduate with the people he threatened to murder. He owned two guns, and his parents let him keep them. He was able to buy an AR despite his threat, which he easily modified to hold a 30-round magazine. (New York State does not allow ARs to use 30-round mags; the gun must be modified to allow only up to a 10-round magazine).

In the coming days, the Uvalde shooter will be the focus of the news. It is likely that we will learn that the 18-year-old was both a loner as well as a creepy person. As most children are, he was likely bullied.

More guns? They would, but they might not kill so many children.

This strategy is not working.