Martha MacCallum Leaves John Kirby Stuttering Over Differing Treatment of Twitter and Apple


Fox’s Martha MacCallum teamed up with John Kirby, NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications, to do a great segment in which she exposed the double standards set by the Biden team regarding Twitter. They don’t believe they have any control over it — and Apple, which is liberal.

MacCallum noted that Apple had “restricted AirDrop”, which would benefit the Chinese government and hamper the efforts of protestors against the government’s restrictive COVID lockdowns. MacCallum inquired if the Biden team had spoken to Apple about their support for the Chinese government. Kirby said they were supportive of people being free to express themselves, but Apple is a private company. He also stated that you can see photos of Chinese police randomly inspecting phones to see what people are saying and whether they have protest activity.

MacCallum asked MacCallum how the White House was taking a totally different approach to Twitter. She said they would be “keeping an eye” on Elon Musk’s Twitter activity, but not criticize Apple for aiding the Chinese government. Kirby laughed and said that we had been “very consistent” in this regard, even though she was just pointing out the reasons they weren’t. Kirby stated again that we are not in the business to tell private companies what they should do. MacCallum countered by pointing out that this is exactly what they were trying to do with Twitter. Kirby protested, “Why is Twitter receiving one treatment and Apple getting another?”

They are. While the White House is suing Twitter for not allowing free speech, they are happy with Apple supporting the CCP’s oppression of their people. They are completely different. Both should be celebrated and supported. The other should be condemned, as well as the oppression of the CCP people. You are free to express your opinion on how a private company should act. You shouldn’t press companies to follow your political interests, as they do with Twitter.

Kirby attempted to suggest that there are issues with foreign investment in Twitter. He claimed that the cases were “apples” and “oranges.” But foreign investment has been a problem in Twitter for years. They weren’t worried about it before. Why are they now concerned? They’re not worried about Apple’s proximity to China. They are not concerned about TikTok’s relationship with China. MacCallum pointed out that Musk had supported protesters in Iran and Ukraine with Starlink, which supports protesters’ right to speech, but the Biden White House was targeting him.

MacCallum then moved on to the big shot: Musk said he was going to disclose the Twitter “free speech suppression Twitter files” and posted about how Twitter had interacted in elections in the past. MacCallum referred to the conversation between the government and Facebook that impacted the Hunter Biden story. Kirby claimed that he did not know of any conversations between the government and Twitter to suppress information. MacCallum directed Biden’s “threat of democracy” propaganda at Kirby and asked if there had been interference. Kirby protested that he didn’t know anything about anything, but then he reverted to the old standby “Russia, Russia, Russia” in an attempt to interfere.

This is journalism as it should be: knowing the topic, pressing for answers, and not accepting any nonsensical responses. Kirby was a confusing mess with no clear explanation.

Biden said that he believed Musk’s purchase of Twitter was worthy of being investigated. It’s not justifiable. It’s political and all about control. MacCallum did a great job exposing all the flaws in the Biden White House’s position on this.