Manchin’s Presidential Ambitions Stall Biden’s Nominees


Will Sen. Joe Manchin, D-WV, run for President in 2024?

He hasn’t yet said, but he’s sent out many signals that suggest he could be thinking in this direction. He said he would make a decision by the end of December. He refused to endorse Joe Biden and wouldn’t say if he would run on a Democrat ticket or a third-party ticket.

It’s interesting that he said there was no identification, as there is a movement called “No Labels”.

It also appears that he’s trying to accentuate his image in terms of foreign policy by visiting Ukraine.

This is not going to be helpful to him with the majority of the center-right who believe that our money in Ukraine has been poured into Ukraine without any regard for the priorities that should be given to them at home. If he runs for the Democratic Party or as a third-party candidate, he will pull away some Democrats from Biden.

Manchin, whether he runs for office or not is upset with Joe Biden because he believes the Biden administration has not adhered to the Inflation Reduction Agreement. Manchin has threatened to sue Biden if they do not adhere to the IRA provisions about electric vehicles. He is afraid the Biden administration will try to circumvent the restrictions intended to reduce the reliance on China and to keep production in the U.S.

Manchin is letting Biden and his team know that he’s not happy by dumping his nominees. This is a good thing. He has already tanked three nominees, and it appears he is also not happy about Julie Su, Biden’s nominee for Labor secretary

Su, as we have reported, is a horrible nominee. Su was the architect behind AB 5, the terrible California gig worker policy that cost thousands of their jobs. She also mismanaged the Employment Development Department, a state agency responsible for providing unemployment benefits. This resulted in the loss of $40 billion by the state in fraudulent claims.

The Stand Against Su movement highlights the problems

“A total of nearly $40 billion has been stolen from taxpayers as a result of fraudulent unemployment benefits.” Su’s failed leadership led to unprecedented failure, as highlighted on the Stand Against Su site.

The coalition also raised concerns about her desire to eliminate tipped wages, her stance on border safety, and her “hatred for capitalism” as evidenced by her “anti-business record and rhetoric”.

Su’s hearing will be next week. According to “people knowledgeable about the situation”, Manchin told Biden that he had “deep reservations” regarding her. Axios reports that if one more Democrat left or defected, Su’s hearing would be over. Kyrsten S. Sinema, I-AZ Senator has not stated her position either. However, there are reports that she is also concerned.

Her snobbish response when Republicans want to meet her and question her as part of the normal nomination process is not helping. She refuses to meet with the Republicans. It’s not a great look to get them to vote for her, and it shows just how radical she can be. In a letter, the Republicans expressed their “disappointment” at her. They wrote that her refusal to participate in an interview with a committee would not inspire confidence in her ability to be transparent and accountable as Secretary for Labor. We ask you to be available for committee staff whenever they request it.

Su could be in trouble if Manchin puts a roadblock up there. Manchin has to be re-elected as governor of West Virginia if he doesn’t run as president. That’s one reason why he may want to distance himself from Joe Biden. Voting for Su will not look good right now in his state.