Maher Slams Body Positivity Activists Who Glorify Obesity


Bill Maher, comedian and podcast host Bill Maher, ripped into the body positivity culture in his latest episode “Club Random”, with The Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan.

Corgan told Maher the story of taking his son to a museum for trains and seeing a “morbidly overweight gentleman” in the train. Corgan told Maher that his son loudly asked “why is he fat?” and the man replied, “cause i like to eat kid.”

Maher then ripped into body positivity and obesity.

Maher stated, “I won’t keep ranting about this, because many people believe I have done it too much already. But people who encourage by lying, saying that this is positive or healthy in any way, I want to say again, you have your blood on your hands.” You have blood on your hand, because this is not healthy. It’s not unusual to see people like the one you are referring to – I do understand that the world has become fatter but not at the levels we have reached.

He continued, “You don’t.” Or maybe you do. But that’s all. Your body is not in great shape. Then to say, “well you know what?” Maybe I can get to 500. Why not? I believe the answer to this is that everyone loves to fucking consume. “Nothing can stop that.”

The two also discussed lockdowns for coronavirus and police in Chicago.