LSU Star Angel Reese’s Disappearance Deepens as She Misses Second Game


The mystery of Angel Reese’s absence from the defending national champion LSU women’s basketball team only grew deeper on Monday as she was not with the team for warmups for the second straight game.

Reese was still missing when LSU hosted Texas Southern. Kim Mulkey, the LSU coach, has been evasive in her responses to questions regarding Reese. After the game, she was again asked.

Sometimes you want to learn more than you are entitled to. I will protect my players. “Always,” she said to reporters via WAFB TV. Do you think that we have a right to know if you discipline your children? “Mulkey made his remarks on Monday after last week’s rude comments.

Mulkey told that it was obvious Angel wasn’t in uniform. “Angel plays basketball for this team and we hope that she will be back sooner than later. I won’t answer anymore. That’s it. “That’s it.

Reese’s absence from Monday night only intensifies the mystery. The most outstanding player of the women’s tournament basketball continued to post cryptically in social media.

She wrote, “Please do not believe everything you hear or read,” on X Sunday.

She posted a video of Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sander on Monday.

What makes you think I care about your opinion of me? What is it about me that makes you care about my opinion? Your opinion of me does not reflect the opinion I have about myself. You ain’t make me, so you can’t break me. Sanders said, “You didn’t make me so you can’t break me.”

A video is about worth a million words if a picture does.

The speculation about the absence of the dominant college women’s basketball player will continue until a definitive answer is given.