Loudoun County School Board Moves to Block Investigation of Sexual Assaults it Covered Up


Loudoun County in Virginia was the focus of national attention last year after a girl in ninth grade was raped at the girls’ bathroom. The school board actively attempted to cover it up.

The school chose to deal with the case in-house rather than reporting the attack on the girl, 15 years old, to the police because it was one of two assaults by a “gender fluid” boy wearing a skirt. The victim’s father confronted school officials and was taken into custody.

Governor. Glenn Youngkin, Attorney General Jason Miyares and the governor ordered a grand jury investigation into multiple accusations against Loudoun County Public Schools. Now the school board is desperate to stop it.

A local report claims that the Loudoun County Schools Board seeks a temporary injunction against the special grand jury. Youngkin claimed that he exceeded his authority by ordering it.

The school board’s decision to move is curious considering that they had previously agreed to cooperate in the investigation.

This is not the first time LCPS tried to hide their responsibility for sexual assaults at school. Earlier this year, LCPS withdrew an investigative report regarding their handling of two sexual assault cases. This was done in the interest of protecting the families.

Loudoun County Public Schools seems to be still trying to cover-up its own misconduct. Protecting itself is more important than protecting its students.