Liz Cheney, Daily Beast Tout Bombshell Texts That Actually Prove There Was No Insurrection


Rep. Liz Cheney recently revealed numerous texts sent by Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Jan. 6 asking Trump to tell those who entered the Capitol to cease. After years of Russian collusion hoaxing and Stalinist show trials impeachment proceedings, Cheney’s texts prove that there was no Jan. 6-insurrection.

A bombshell fell in the most recent Jan. 6 committee hearing when Donald Trump Jr. begged White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows for the president to make an address to the nation and stop the Capitol riot. Trump ignored these appeals by some of his most passionate supporters.

It does appear at first glance to be quite alarming. Donald Trump Jr. sent Meadows a text message: “He has to immediately condemn this s**t.” The tweet from Capitol Police is not enough. And then, “We need an Oval Office address.” He must lead now. It has gone too far, and it has gotten out of control.”

The Left was furious at Trump’s statement, as he continued to claim that the election had been stolen. This is an accusation the establishment media insists is false. Trump’s statement on Jan. 6 is unambiguous in that he told the Capitol crowd to disperse peacefully. That’s not what you would expect from a leader of an insurrection. It is difficult to believe that Trump would have planned an “insurrection”, but that his son, who was one of his closest confidantes would not know about it. This would also mean that his top supporters would have been completely taken by surprise.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump Jr., along with others, texted Mark Meadows asking him for a statement by Trump pacifying the situation of Jan. 6. Trump obliged. This clearly and simply proves that there wasn’t an insurrection. The Jan. 6 House committee should issue a statement and close its proceedings.