Legal Gun Purchases Equals Slavery?


Representative. Jim Clyburn (D.S.C.) has used the most powerful weapon of the Left’s arsenal against the all-powerful, shadowy gun lobby.

Racism. Specifically, slavery.

Why? because everything that the Left does not like is racist or something-ist. Or something-phobic. Or like unto it. And against such a charge, nothing must be able to stand.

CNS News reports the House Majority Whip from South Carolina made an appearance on Face the Nation Sunday to discuss his thoughts about the shootings at Club Q and the Chesapeake Walmart in Virginia. He replied that

This tells me all I need to know. They didn’t buy these weapons legally.

Here are his comments.

The Left refuses to admit there is a parallel. It is clear that the Club Q shooter was deranged and unable to deal with the horrible realities of his life. Looking at the contents of his letter, one wonders what Chesapeake did to him.

It seems that no one seems to care about real problems that could lead to someone getting a gun and committing atrocities. This would mean that many organizations, companies, governments, and other systems that claim to exist to provide welfare and education have failed to fulfill their duties.

Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is now us.”

It’s easier and more powerful for people to see through the masks of racism and pass more laws and control than it is to evaluate the effectiveness of our values, systems, and methods. Honest soul-searching has never helped anyone to get re-elected.