Leftist Lunatic in Lipstick and Wig Smears Mona Lisa With Cake to Save the Planet


One could make a parody about climate activism by dressing up as a woman in a wheelchair and entering the Louvre in Paris. He then tried to smash the bulletproof glass that protected Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. But he gave up, eventually smearing it with cake. The Left is not parody anymore, as evident by the many Babylon Bee stories. On Sunday, the cake-loving climate activist smeared Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa with his dessert.

According to The Art Newspaper, the cake-smearer stated that “Think about the planet… There are people who are destroying it, think about that… That’s why…

It’s all right. All right. Hardcore climate activists would love to see the planet destroyed, as it would remove the human depredations.

The Mona Lisa was not damaged by the brave climate warrior. He couldn’t break its protective glass and the cake he left on it was easily removed. What was the individual thinking? He was furious at Leonardo for daring take paint and a Lombardy white poplar panel out of the earth to create the painting. He was ranting at Leonardo for attempting to wrest paint and a white Lombardy poplar panel from the earth in order to create the painting.

He was most likely calculating that his absurd stunt would draw attention to his cause and possibly even motivate some of the world’s top power brokers to support the planet. After all, one young noble man tried to destroy the world’s foremost artwork to bring attention to the dire state of our planet. This is as absurd as the stunt itself. This guy would have been the center of global outrage if he had destroyed the Mona Lisa. Then, he would be forgotten. It would have been enough.

However, there is a lesson to be learned from this incident. The man who attempted to destroy the Mona Lisa was a product today’s education system. He was clearly a diligent student and he learned the lessons. He discovered that climate change is the greatest threat to the world and that we must act immediately to end the Western economies.

The Mona Lisa attack is another example of climate hysteria, which is a common phenomenon nowadays. This is a man who could probably live a fulfilling life if not for pseudoscientific fallacies and fantasies. It is likely that the clown who attacked Mona Lisa calculated that it would not matter if it was destroyed, since the entire earth will be destroyed within nine years. He is so stuffed with nonsense that he will break the law to force those in power to address a problem they have been telling us for years. Instead of begging for action, he should be apologizing to the people responsible.