Lawyer Stabbed Shortly After Arrival in Democrat-Controlled City


On May 7, attorney Joshua Pond traveled to Seattle for business. Two hours after he arrived, he was brutally stabbed in Seattle’s Democrat-controlled area.

Pond waited outside his downtown Seattle hotel for a rideshare that would take him and another colleague to dinner. A “very disgruntled” man tried to rob Pond while they waited.

Pond remembered that the man had shoved him two times — and they were “sharp” shoves.

Pond said, “I got a hard shove as we waited outside our hotel.” “I turned and saw a man who looked very angry.” He then said something along the lines of “Give me your cellphone.”

He said, “The pushes were sharp and there was something else, so I reached behind my shirt to pull out the blood from my hands.” “That was my first realization that I had been stabbed, and it was also the first moment I knew the attacker had a knife.”

Joshua Pond was taken to a hospital nearby. Doctors said that Pond was lucky to have survived because the knife had barely missed vital internal organs.

Job Quimpo was arrested by the police for the assault, but only after an intense standoff requiring the SWAT team. Quimpo was charged with robbery in the first degree. According to public records, his bail was set at 300,000 dollars.

Quimpo’s criminal record is extensive, with convictions including assault, carrying a hidden dangerous knife, burglary, and resisting arrest.

Joshua Pond is grateful to be alive.

He told KOMO, “I have been to Seattle many times over the years.” “I would never have imagined something like this would happen.” “I didn’t anticipate any of these problems.” “There were still people shouting in the streets the next day when I returned.” “I hope that we can do more to reduce crime, homelessness, and drug addiction.”

Seattle has problems with drugs, violent crime, and homelessness. Seattle’s top city leaders, such as Mayor Bruce Harrell and Seattle City Council, are Democrats. Eight Democrats and one Socialist make up the nine-seat Seattle City Council.

A man was tragically shot and killed in front of the same hotel downtown Seattle where Pond had been stabbed. The shooting occurred two days after Pond’s attack.