Lara Trump Blames Biden for Lives Lost: “Is There Any Doubt?”


It’s a layup. I know this as I start this article. Lara Trump said that Joe Biden’s decisions have caused people to lose their lives. She is the wife of Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son and senior campaign adviser. As I asked the question in the title, is there any doubt about it?

Spoiler: Biden’s Border Crisis and Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle

Trump said this outright in an interview with Breitbart News on Saturday.

Joe Biden’s mistakes have real and tangible consequences that affect the lives of people. The poor decisions made by this president have led to people losing their lives.

She was right.

Edna Police Department, Texas, has just provided the latest example. It happened early on Sunday morning. Officers arrested an illegal alien who shouldn’t have been in the country, who they believed was “the person who is responsible for the death” of a 16-year-old cheerleader. She was found in a bathtub dead.

It is unlikely that this will be the last such murder. Denying that Biden’s wide-opening border policy is likely responsible for the tragic murder would mean denying the reality of the past three years.

Trump warned that America and the rest of the world would “suffer greatly” if the presidential election in 2024 is not “done right.”

Joe Biden has already done a lot of damage to our country and the world. We need Donald Trump to return.

Joe Biden’s disastrous policies and decisions, from the southern boundary to Afghanistan to his incendiary racial-centric rhetoric have put this country in an even more precarious position than before he mumbled into the Oval Office.

Alex Marlow, the host of the show, praised Lara Trump for her efforts to “create a sense normality on right.”

You’re creating a sense that things are normal on the right. The media portrays us like we’re hermits living in our basements with horns… you seem to be a positive person, which I find comforting.

She replied: “I’m just me. I don’t know how to be anything else.”

Isn’t that the real key? The left does its damnedest to portray all Republicans as bigoted, selfish, censorship-crazed, environment-destroying, all-around demons — and that’s not hyperbolic.

We have a Democrat in the White House, an 81-year-old serial-lying Democrat, who has put Americans’ lives at risk, both domestically and abroad. What other way can Biden’s disastrous choices be described than by Lara Trump?


Politics is political, which means that both Democrats and Republicans are expected to blame the “other guys” for everything wrong with the country. It’s the way things are played. Lara Trump was right.

God forbid! If Joe Biden – or any replacement at the last minute – wins the 2024 Presidential election, the next four years will be a far cry from the previous three.