Karine Jean-Pierre’s Hilarious Midterm Spin


We’ve come to expect White House News Secretary Karine Jean Pierre to be a little heavy-handed in trying to make Joe Biden seem great.

Jean-Pierre asked Jean-Pierre why Biden had not visited Georgia to support Warnock, unlike last year.

We all know why. We all know why. Joe Biden’s Georgia poll numbers are below average. Warnock tried, as usual, while on the campaign trail, to distance himself from Biden.

She stated, “I have said many times on the podium that President Obama would help Senator Warnock. ”

“Look, the way that we see this, if you think about the midterms that just occurred: The president played a big role here,” she claimed. He did?

Last time I checked, Biden was only one of a handful who voted for him. Last time I checked, Biden only campaigned alongside a handful of candidates.

Biden was so toxic politically, he only endorsed three House candidates this cycle: the solid blue districts IL-7, OH-11, and OR-5. This was a toss-up — and the Republicans won this race.

Okay, Karine. Joe Biden definitely played a significant role in the midterms. Huge!