Kari Lake Destroys a Reporter Who Asks Her About Questioning Election Results


Arizona Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake turned the tables last week on a reporter who thought that he was asking a question about accepting election results.

“You feel like Joe Biden divides the country. The reporter asked if Donald Trump feels the same way by telling falsely that he won the election, when in reality he lost it.

“How can that divide the country?” She asked, “How can you question an election in which there are clearly problems? “Since when is it okay to not ask questions about the elections?” she asked. I was a journalist for many decades. After 2016, I remember many people asking lots of questions about the 2016 elections. Nobody tried to silence you.

Lake had just begun to tear this reporter apart.

“No one tried to tell Hillary Clinton that she should shut up. Kamala Harris was questioning whether these electronic voting machines were legitimate. Nobody tried to tell her to shut up. You should be proud of the freedom of speech this country affords us. You are supposedly a journalist. That is something you should be proud of. Asking questions about election results that were tumultuous is not ‘dividing’ the country. What I see as dividing a country is closing people off, censoring people and cancelling people. The Constitution was still in force last I heard. Some of the people involved in this area’s work have helped to keep it hanging. We’re going save the Constitution and bring back freedom to speech. We might be able to repay you someday for this.”

Lake is correct, of course. The Democratic Party is known for questioning the results of elections.