Kanye Lights It Up in Remarkable Interview With Tucker on Trump, Being Pro-life, and ‘Liberal Nazis’


Kanye West appeared on Tucker Carlson Thursday, and he was openly revealing that he had been red-pilled over multiple issues. He was also more peaceful than I have ever seen him. After they had melted down at him wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt with Candace Owens, he was speaking his mind and didn’t care about what the left thought.

West began by talking about his pro-life beliefs and the impact abortion has on black lives.

“I am pro-life. There are more black babies being aborted than those born in New York City. Abortion accounts for 50% of American black deaths. Therefore, I don’t care what people think, I perform for one audience, and that’s God.

Kanye said that he was threatened and pressured over his MAGA hat, and his latest offense to be left — wearing a shirt that says “White Lives Matter”. He didn’t let that stop him.

He stated that the reason he wore the White Lives Matter shirt was easy — “because they do.”

West dismantled the “liberal Nazis”, who will attack people, and tried to stop you stealing from the narrative.

This was a classic. He continued to explain why he liked Donald Trump. “All the values and the conservative values just line up.” Trump is the man. He owns his buildings.

He didn’t like Josh Kushner, Jared Kushner’s brother. He was worried that Josh and his team weren’t doing their best for Trump.

This is only the highlight of Thursday’s show. Friday’s Part 2 is expected to follow. Already, the left is melting down after watching the first part. They’ll be pulling their hair out tomorrow. It is clear that he has been red-pilled by Trump and God. He’s no perfect human being, but neither is Trump. He’s an indicator of many who see the left pushing their agenda and say “Enough!” “No more craziness.” This is the sign of many, but not famous, people who have been red-pilled, and will be out in large numbers in November to put these principles into motion with their votes.