Kamala Harris on What Has Gone Wrong at the Border


Kamala Harris, the Vice President, has earned a reputation for not doing her homework well and being unprepared for answering expected questions. Harris appeared on Univision Noticias and was asked a softball question:

You are working to combat the root causes for Central American immigration. We have not seen a decrease in immigrants coming to the US. However, we are now seeing an increase in people coming in. What has been the problem?

This is not a difficult question, despite the fact that the interviewer suggests something has “gone wrong”. Harris can use this question to present her case and recite her points.

These talking points are essential for any politician who is worth his salt.

Kamala Harris isn’t worth much salt.

Here is her solution:





Be very firm in your convictions


When I look at the root causes of irregular immigration, I strongly believe that most people don’t want to move away from home. They aren’t willing to leave the home they have grown up in, their church, or their grandmother. People often leave their homes for one reason or another. Either they are fleeing danger or they can’t stay to take care of their basic needs and those of their family.

We should give Harris bonus points for suggesting a new euphemism to describe the legal correct term “illegal aliens”.

Although “Irregular Migration” is a new term to me, a quick internet search suggests that it has been around for at least a few decades.

It’s something I have never heard an elected official do before.

How uncomfortable is it to cross the border illegally? No wonder coyotes charge so much.

Harris strongly believes this! Harris believes strongly that people will not leave their homes to escape harm or find better lives.

Cotton, take a bold stance. Let’s see what happens.

Harris says, “So I’m approaching root causes work, understanding in particular that in Central America with an accent on Guatemala, I was just there in Honduras and El Salvador, what I must do is help address why people are leaving.”

Since President Joe Biden placed Harris “in charge” in March last year of the border crisis, Harris had nearly a year to accomplish this. Since then, she’s been to Central America twice.

Let’s listen to her speak about what she has accomplished.

She says, “I have assembled American CEOs.” “We started with a dozen, and now we have 77 CEOs who pledge 1.2 billion dollars to invest around the region’s agricultural economy, farmers, and women entrepreneurs.