Kamala Harris Believes Kids Are Suffering Climate Mental Health Issues


One octogenarian heartbeat from the presidency, the person who has long past the point of being taken seriously has giggled and cackled her entire way through her meaningless job, which she apparently has achieved nothing in over two years.

The comments made by Vice President Kamala Harris at the recent “Aspen Ideas: Climate Conference” in Miami Beach were a bit too serious for her. Look at that expression on her face. Professionalism forbids me to make snarky remarks about constipation, but I digress.

Harris spoke to the faithful about an alleged conversation she had with young Kool-Aid drinkers and climate activists. They allegedly shared with her how they were dealing with “climate mental illness” issues. No, really. Ready? It’s amazing!

One of the young leaders was speaking to me about climate mental illness. I asked him to tell me about his peers’ mental health.

I replied, “I think that I understand that,” but let her unpack it (rolling-eyes emoticon) for me. She spoke about the thoughts of her peers about it. One example was whether they could start a family when they are ready. It was scary to think about the implications. It can be stressful.

They talked about how their peers were trying to figure out whether or not they will need to find a job. But what can they do? How can they adapt the education they have now to their activism?

Noodle on that complete crap while you watch the clip. I’ll see you on the other side.

How do I begin?

Let’s start with the low-hanging fruits. It was so revealing to see college students worrying about how they will survive in the real world. They’ll actually have to earn a living. Most absurdly, they will have to make a living from their activism.

Delano Squires, Heritage Foundation researcher, rebuked Harris by tweeting:

“Climate mental illness”? Some of the most neurotic, fearful, and narcissistic individuals in history are leading us. These types are often pushed to the back by pack animals. This is why they are so popular in this country.

It was flawless.

Dr. Matthew M. Wielicki, an Earth science professor, slammed Harris (and other climate activists) for stressing children, and not the “existential danger to mankind” silliness the left continues to promote.

Climate alarmism refers to mental health abuse of young people. My students expressed concerns about having children, as they were convinced by alarmists that the world is ending. This will be climate alarmism’s lasting legacy.

It is there, isn’t it?


It’s now that college students who are assumed to be intelligent have started talking openly about “climate mental illness” to the point that they worry about whether or not they will ever be able to start a family. Just think about it.

While you think about it, don’t forget about the climate alarmists, who have spent decades indoctrinating young Americans on a fake science that they’ve never experienced or seen. This pseudoscience is now fully supported by the Democrat Party as well as the liberal sock puppet media.

Climate loons, congratulations on a job well done.