Joy Behar Says Gun Owners Have a Mental Illness


The View stars Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, and pretend-conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin combined for an hour of “entertainment” like no other on television.

The ladies bring it all, from slapstick comedy to outright rage. But Joy Behar’s incisive brilliance is unmatched. Her ultracrepidarian ability, at the drop of a hat, to pontificate about any topic is legendary.

Ms. Behar displayed her pitiable talents by exposing law-abiding gun owners in a stunning takedown on Wednesday’s episode. Behar claimed that the “mental illness” of tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners in America is a result of a 6-year-old boy who shot his teacher in the classroom. This was after school officials had ignored numerous warnings that they were aware that he had a gun. Joy Behar, a noted intellectual, pontificates from high about the “mental illness” of law-abiding Americans who arm themselves for legitimate reasons.

NewsBusters reported that Behar said “We need to get up” — “we” being all Americans who support Second Amendment rights to gun ownership. She then began lying, spreading a widely disproven lie.

This is the problem that we are the only civilized country, well, maybe not civilized but democratic, in the world. We are between Brazil and Venezuela with the highest number of mass shootings. What was the stat? It was like 29. There were 40 mass shootings in the first 24 hours of this year.

Brilliant genius, damnable lies. Behar then raised the level of idiocy by a good ten.

The country is suffering from a mental illness that must be stopped immediately. Joe Biden may be trying to do something. But it is up against the gun lobbyists who want to continue getting more money. It’s disgraceful.

You’re right, Joy. Biden is trying “something”, the same “something” Barack Obama tried to after every high-profile gunshot during his presidency. He’s trying out horrific tragedies in the left’s never-ending gun-grabbing attempts to blame inanimate objects and people for their heinous actions. Behar, like all gun-grabbers, is unable to understand that people who want to do horrible things will do terrible things — using whatever means are available.

Behar, the omniscient Behar, also rejected arming teachers and continued to spew lies as reality.

This story has the beauty that the right wing in this country would like us to believe that it has nothing to do about guns and that arming teachers is the only way to stop these types of shootings. The teacher now has a gun. Did she have to shoot the child?

What would she have done if she had a gun Who was she supposed to shoot? A good man with a gun is also a solution. There were some good guys in Uvalde, but they were too afraid to confront an AR-15 so it didn’t work.

What is the best way to respond to such crap?

The answer is not arming teachers; it is stationing visibly armed guards at the main entrances of schools behind electronically-locked doors, while all other doors remain locked during school hours, which is also vehemently opposed by the left. Yes, I do.

Surprisingly, and I mean shockingly, Behar checked her facts before the segment ended. No doubt after she was told wrong by a staff member.

Here, I want to make one correction before the fact-checkers get mad at me. For the highest number of gun deaths, we’re somewhere between Venezuela and Brazil. Not specifically mass shootings. Although it is a minor thing, it is a significant one.

“A small thing.” No probs. Imagine that. Are fact-checkers examining the geniuses at “The View?” Why I never. (Whoopi Goldberg could not be reached for comment).