Journalist Tries to Crash Uvalde Victim’s Funeral, Bikers Have a Different Idea


Funerals have begun for the victims of the Uvalde school shooting, which occurred in Texas. This is despite the constant politicization of this event by the media and the left-despite the fact the family often wants privacy in such a moment.

However, the Houston Chronicle’s “health reporter” tried to crash one memorial to take photos. A group of bikers who were providing security had other ideas.

You’ll notice the reporter harassing the bikers. He claims he is “just trying” to do his job, entering and taking photos. They attempt to explain to him that their goal is to provide space for the grieving family. The reporter is not willing to accept no for an answer and shoves his phone into the face of one of the bikers, bumping into him. The reporter was able to escalate the situation verbally before eventually backing down.

Details aside, the bikers seen in the video are not part of any “gang,” but are instead part of a nonprofit called “Guardians of the Children.” This group provides security for children with trauma and their families. They were probably asked to keep the media away in this instance, so the families of the children who died could grieve peacefully.

Julian Gill, the journalist involved, took to social media and slammed the police for allowing members of a “biker group” to help him. Many of the responses expressed dismay as if riding a motorcycle was somehow dangerous.

What kind of sociopath would attempt to photograph a funeral for the media? This was not a line to cross. He then went on to play the victim, because he was stopped. This entire scenario screams entitlement.

Although I don’t know who it is that needs to hear it, you’re not the only one. Your story isn’t more important than the stories of those who are grieving.