Joe Biden Will Not Survive This, Democrats Will Jettison Him Before Midterm Season Heats Up


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to conceal the scandalous Hunter Biden story. Fake News and Big Tech will continue to try to suppress the story, but it is so massive and egregious it’s going to be a campaign issue in the fall — and Democrats won’t allow that.

I had predicted that the party handlers would hold Biden until after the midterm election, then use him to sop up for the Democrats’ failure vibes, and finally jettison him before the 2024 election season. They can’t wait this long, Hunter’s iPhone and laptop disaster is spiraling out of control.

Normally, the right would ignore Hunter Biden’s leaked communications and videos. It has everything: drugs, hookers, dysfunction, and huge Biden family corruption right up to the top. It confirms all that the right has been saying. This means it must be fake. But, no: it’s real.

The scandal is not only the richest trove of First Family dirt, but also contains actionable evidence of corruption, crime, and compromise by the current President. Biden’s tenancy at the White House is unsustainable, and Democrats will not allow him to continue in office until Republicans take control of the Congressional Committees. Until then, impeachment or removal would be their only option. Their party’s reputation will be ruined for a generation.

Democrats will need to act quickly, as campaign ads such as this are running in every major market this fall.

Republican candidate looks into the camera: Jane Smith, Jane Smith. I am asking for your support so that Congress can investigate family corruption in Biden’s family.

This is Joe Biden’s denial that he ever discussed business with Hunter.

You will see Joe Biden’s recorded voicemail from Hunter. The president says he wants to discuss one of his sons’ shady deals and how Hunter thinks it is possible to get away with it.

Republican candidates might mention hits such as “HB holds 10% For the Big Guy”, the trip Hunter and his son took on Air Force Two to China in 2013 to meet Hunter’s business associates and the $30 million Hunter received from CCP-affiliated energy executive executives. Candidates could also include blurred-out Hunter home movies if they want to show their support.

This message would be spread via paid ads and debates. People who have never heard of the laptop or the Biden family corruption will be red-pilled coast to coast. The Big Left would not be able to stop it.

They can’t allow this to happen. So I’m the first to predict that Joe Biden will be removed from office before the primary season is over.

It’s up to them to decide how they will do it. The Democrats would be thrilled if a white supremacist assassinated the senescent coder. This would allow them to vent their righteous anger at a murderous public servant, give them complete media control and boost their sympathy. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CALL TO VIOLENCE AGAINST PRESIDENT. SECRET SERVICE. I want Biden to stay alive and in office, so Republicans can impeach his family, investigate, harass, raid and colonize them.

Biden is more likely to announce that he has been diagnosed with a serious illness and must resign. Big Left could then elevate the Historic, First-Ever Black! Woman! President! They would control the media (and bury Hunter’s scandals), and hopefully draw some black and female voters back into the fold. This will allow them to enter the midterm home stretch with a stronger position.

That’s all they can do. I wanted to make my prediction early, and you owe me a drink if I am right.