Joe Biden Must Step Aside While He Has COVID to Rid Us of the Curse of White Supremacy


Joe Biden wants to make you believe that he is an ally for the minority community. He picked the first woman vice president, the first African vice president and the first black female vice presidency before the American people chose him to ascend the Oval Office.

Biden was elected the first black woman Supreme Court justice. He also appointed the first female lesbian White House press secretary. These were all historic moments for lesbians, black women and men everywhere, depending on their intersectionality.

Biden must appoint the first female amputee of color to be a lesbian. Biden will raise the bar!

But there is a problem. Because Joe Biden, a white supremacist, all of these intersectional firsts will be in vain. Want to know how? He was positive for COVID-19, and he continued to work. GAAAAAAAAASP!

Yes, I do. It is hard to believe he could be so insensitive.

We are grateful that Dr. Kim Sue is the Medical Director for the National Harm Reduction Coalition.

The white supremacy urgency at work is exemplified by POTUS while he has COVID infection. He sets a poor example that everyone can’t rest. COVID infection can be very serious and debilitating. People should not work through it.

Kim Sue, MD and PhD (@DrKimSue), July 22, 2022

You see, urgency equals white supremacy. This means that the president believes he cannot stop getting things done. He believes he can’t stop achieving so much during his presidency. It’s almost like a drug. Joe Biden cannot stop taking that dose of white supremacy.

He can only do one thing to rectify this horrible act of stomping upon the rights of minorities – or dare I say: threatening our democracy – with his white supremacist work ethic. That’s to hand the presidency over until he heals.

Kamala Harris, Vice President, is the obvious choice and one that best fits the Constitution. Can you imagine! The first black female president

Biden could sign an executive ordering granting the presidency to anyone he wishes while he is recovering from COVID. This would also set his appointment for next month’s booster shot.

There are many possibilities. For a few days, he could let Karine Jean Pierre become the first female black lesbian president. What about Rachel Levine? Why is it that the first transgender admiral can’t become the first woman president (What is a woman?) I don’t know. I am not a biologist. What is a president, anyway? (I’m also not a Constitutional scholar. Sam Brinton is also at the Department of Energy. So far, we haven’t had a puppy-play president.

(Pete Buttigieg is not counted for two reasons. First, the White House has its standards. Second, James Buchanan might have covered the entire “first gay president” thing back in 1850s.

We all know that Joe Biden’s best option while he recovers is to sign an executive order transferring the White House to Barack Obama. We can then all once again adore our rockstar president as he tells what’s best.

It doesn’t matter who is elected, Joe Biden must do what is right and step aside until his health improves. This is the only way to end white supremacy, which has ruled this country for decades.