Joe Biden Bares It All On Beach Vacation


Joe Biden went on vacation to the beach and Twitter exploded, or X, or whatever you want to call it.

Biden has returned to his Rehoboth Delaware beach home for 10 days vacation. Like anyone, he decided to soak in some rays. However, if anyone thinks I’m making fun of how our aged POTUS looks in his beach gear, nothing could be further from the truth. As skinny as I have always been, the chances of me looking as good at 81 as he looks are slim. Pun intended.

But there’s the reluctant admission that, yes, time does come for us all. And then there’s… this bit of cringe-worthy obsequiousness:

“Backwards hat, aviators, and relaxation. Joe Biden is pretty cool.”

Harry Sisson is a 20-year-old lefty with all the wisdom and knowledge you would expect from someone his age. Is he one of those internet-famous “lefties” like JoJoFromJerz – Jerzy-a JoJo? JoJoGadget? Whatever! It reads like a cheap parody of what lefties believe they should sound like, that they are always good for some laughs.

Maybe they are chatbots. With tweets such as this, you’ll never be able to convince me that Sisson exists.

No matter what prompts are given to ChatGPT, or any other large language model, the results always come out! It sounds like it was written by an intelligent but boringly earnest 10-year-old. Take your pick. It’s the same difference, no distinction as we used to say at debate club.

If “cool” is defined as “what guys my age tried to wear in the mid-90s in an attempt to look cool, but in retrospect we all looked pretty douchey.”

Why not just look at the responses I have collected for you?

Let’s get started.

Most of the replies were things like barf emojis, gifs, or oh-so-appropriate memes like the classic with Barbie asking, “Is it crack? Is that what you smoke? You smoke crack?” But I’m sharing only the replies that went the extra mile to entertain us.

Nevertheless, some were simply disturbing.

It is really disturbing.

Some were created by people with either a cruel imagination or too much free time.

Sorry, not sorry about the earworm.

We all grew up with the idea that we should respect the dignity and authority of the president, regardless of whether he was a Democrat or Republican. Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and a cigar, I believe, have all shattered that notion. Our embarrassingly senescent and hair-sniffing criminal-in-chief has done it again and again.

It is helpful to remember an older president who looked the part even on vacation.

We could certainly use someone like Ronald Reagan.