JK Rowling Tells Off Hater


JK Rowling slammed an internet troll’s penis size with a brutal tweet on Friday.

Rowling’s tweet congratulating Maya Forstater for a judgment she won against her former employer on Friday triggered the situation. Forstater was fired in 2019 for tweeting “men can’t change into women”. Rowling’s defense of Forstater led to her becoming a target for transgender activists.

In response to Rowling’s Friday tweet, Twitter user @joshuaddsilva shared a meme that read, “Suck My Dick, Bitch.”

Rowling had more than 14 millions followers, while Josh only had 600. Rowling chose to respond in a unique way to Josh’s message.

@joshuaddsilva: “Going to be forced to pass. The last time I tried to suck something so tiny, it got stuck in between my teeth. #irritating,” Rowling wrote.

Rowling’s ability to slay trolls was immediately praised and supported by the internet.

“OMG JK….my my my my…..That made me fall off my chair with laughter…literally! Oh, JK…I stopped cursing and you started with the hilarity. “Love it!” wrote one user.

Another said, “I’m going to buy every book that you make now, J.K.”

Josh was not finished with his attempts to get under Rowling. He sent another tweet after his first.

He wrote: “Sorry, this was a bit crass. But if you toned down your transphobia and racism I’m certain you’ll feel a lot less #irritated.”

Rowling didn’t respond to the riposte. But the rest of the Internet turned against him quickly. JK Rowling retorts to pro-trans activists

Josh: “It was not a little crude.” It was rapey. It was abusive and violent language used by a man to tell a woman she should shut up and kneel. Josh, that’s what you are. A rapey, abusive man. “You showed it to everyone,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another poster said: “She is not transphobic; she is smalldickphobic.”

Josh has had enough, but his account was still available as of the time of publication.