J6 Hearings Extended After Trump Documentary Offers New Evidence


Alex Holder extended the hearings of January 6 Committee to July, with a British documentary.

According Deadline, the documentary is about Trump’s last six weeks in campaign and “never before seen footage” of January 6’s attack on the Capitol.

The documentary includes more porn from the riots, but also footage from over a dozen hours worth of interviews with Donald Trump’s relatives, including footage from the day prior to and after the riots.

Discovery+ bought the docu-series “Unprecedented”.

However, the panel leaders have not discussed the possibility of adding public hearings to Thursday’s. Bennie Thompson, the chair of the [committee], stated that they could add more hearings depending upon the evidence in the coming weeks. Thompson also indicated that hearings would likely resume following the recess.

Thompson stated that hearings should not be delayed as the panel must complete its final report. Thompson anticipates that this report will be released in the fall.

Thompson claims that the documentary contains “new evidence” and should be examined. Thompson claims that the National Archives holds new documents, and that he was flooded with tips during the four first public hearings.

It’s been 18 months since the Capitol riots, and the evidence is just now being released.

Democrats will do whatever they can to prevent the release of the “bombshell report” by the committee until they have suffered the maximum damage from Republicans.

The hearings can be extended by asking Republican legislators to testify if they don’t wish the game to continue.

The committee has begun reviewing the evidence to determine the next steps regarding Congress members who refused subpoenas they issued for testimony.

Thompson stated that Thompson and his colleagues had all the information necessary to assist us in our investigation into the January 6th 2001 attack and events immediately preceding it. Thompson encouraged his fellow colleagues to cooperate with him and do their patriotic duty.

Trump has recently criticised McCarthy for not cooperating with Democrats in the formation the Committee.