Israeli Drone Attack Takes Out Iran Defense Compound


Iran denies that the Israeli drone strike caused “minor damage” at a defense compound in Isfahan, which contained several factories and the Iranian space agency.

You can decide if there was “minor harm.”

This is the Iran story.

According to PadDolat, the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated that such actions could not affect the determination and intent of our experts for peaceful nuclear progress.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in office since Dec. 29 and didn’t waste time in letting Iran know that he was back in control.

Wall Street Journal:

The latest Israeli strike came as American and Israeli officials discuss new ways to counter Iran’s destabilizing activities, including deepening their military cooperation with Russia.

According to sources familiar with the visit, William Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency made an unannounced visit to Israel last week in order to discuss Iran and other issues. On Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken will arrive in Israel to continue U.S.-Israeli talks on Iran and other regional issues.

The U.S. and Israel conducted their largest-ever joint military exercise last week. It involved more than 7,500 people from both countries. They also tested their ability to refuel and take out air-defense systems. These could be crucial elements in a major military strike against Iran.

Joe Biden has been desperately trying to find a way for Barack Obama to revive the nuclear agreement. Biden cannot surrender because Iran keeps increasing the pressure.

The U.S. would love Israel to support the war against Ukraine and provide weapons and technology. Russia is in an extremely delicate position with Israel. The Russians look the other way as the Israelis strike targets in Syria, despite the fact that their air defense system is supposed to protect Damascus. Israel isn’t interested in doing anything to upset this arrangement.

Strikes like this one on Iran help Ukraine to stop Russia from aiding Iran.

“This is a smart trio where Israel can hurt Iran and help Ukraine and not risk its strategic interest in Syria or run to the risk of the diversion of their sensitive military technology into Russia and Iran,” stated Mark Dubowitz (chief executive officer of Foundation for Defense of Democracies), a Washington-based think tank critical of Iran.

Russia will not allow Iran to be helped. Iran’s ability, by providing drones to Russia, will be severely affected if Israel continues to exert pressure.