Israel Claps Back: Schumer’s Election Interference Claims Met with Defiance


Chuck Schumer, a Senator from New York, decided to interfere in foreign elections by declaring on the Senate floor that Israel should hold new polls.

This comes at a time when the American ally is preparing to end Hamas in Gaza for good. Democrats are facing a significant backlash from their radical and pro-terrorist supporters.

Schumer’s recent behavior is not only outrageously inappropriate but also revealing. His address raises several concerns, notably our typically discreet approach to regime change. It exposes Schumer’s apparent goal of hindering Netanyahu’s efforts to swiftly and decisively end the conflict, effectively eradicating Hamas, a group known for its acts of terrorism, including rape and murder of children. Furthermore, it indicates Schumer’s persistence in pursuing a “two-state” solution despite mounting evidence against its feasibility, utilizing the United States government to achieve this end.

As I listened to Schumer’s statements, it became evident that there is much more to be said about the government’s interference in foreign elections. It begs the question: If Schumer is openly advocating for regime change in a sovereign nation, what measures will he and his supporters not take to ensure the election of their preferred candidate in our own country?

Recall when Democrats decried foreign interference in elections as a dire threat to democracy? Strangely, this standard does not seem to apply when American politicians meddle in Israel’s affairs. These are the same individuals who claim Russia manipulated elections with Facebook memes, yet seem unfazed by the sabotage of an allied Prime Minister.

Schumer’s motives appear dubious. He seems to fear that Israel’s ongoing mission to dismantle Hamas could jeopardize Joe Biden’s chances of winning crucial states like Michigan in the 2024 elections. The Senate majority leader is willing to prioritize the interests of a terrorist organization over the security of a longstanding ally, all to appease his pro-Hamas faction within the Democratic Party.

Such actions raise serious concerns about the integrity of our political processes and the lengths to which certain individuals are willing to go to achieve their objectives. As citizens, we must remain vigilant against any form of foreign interference, regardless of its origin or guise.

Schumer’s attempt to interfere in the elections of an ally is already failing. Former and current Israeli officials responded immediately to Schumer, telling him in no uncertain terms to “pound the sand”.

It’s important to note that the brother of Ambassador Michael Herzog is a member of the opposition party that attempted to remove Benjamin Netanyahu. This contradicts the narrative of a large left-wing faction in Israel ready to surrender to Hamas.

Additionally, Naftali Bennett, who replaced Netanyahu temporarily in 2021, has also criticized Schumer’s remarks.

Israeli support for the war on Hamas is overwhelming, a fact that American Democrats seem to overlook or deliberately ignore. Even Benny Gantz, the current leader of the opposition and a member of the war cabinet, stands in solidarity with this stance.

While some have advocated for a more aggressive stance, Netanyahu is seen as a moderate figure who has taken significant steps to prevent an escalation of the conflict with Hezbollah.

The real issue at hand, especially considering the widespread opposition to a “two-state solution” among Israelis, appears to be rooted in American domestic politics. Schumer’s actions reflect cowardice; he is willing to appease terrorists within his party for short-term gains. However, this strategy is proving ineffective. Israel remains steadfast, and the pro-Hamas faction within the Democratic Party continues to face dissent.