Iran Shocked by Hamas’ Secret Betrayal


I have a bridge for sale to anyone who believes that Iran played no part in the Hamas attack against Israel. This is the story the Iranians tell the U.S. media and intelligence services.

According to a source who has direct knowledge of this matter, American spy agencies obtained “exquisite intelligence” that showed Iranian leaders were shocked by Hamas’ attack on Israel last weekend. Another source called the intelligence “good proof.”

U.S. officials have questioned whether officials in Tehran played a direct part in the approval or planning of the deadly attack. The sources stated that, in part because of the intelligence reporting, Biden’s administration hasn’t reached a conclusive conclusion, about whether Iran played a direct role in this attack.

It’s unclear what NBC News is referring to when they say “exquisite intelligence”, but my long-term acquaintance with a retired CIA Field Intelligence officer may provide some clues. He believes that human intelligence, or information gathered by people, rather than directly observed, is unreliable. It is not accepted without confirmation by other means.

Note the sly wording as well: “The intelligence-led U.S. officials to question whether officials from Tehran played a direct part in the approval or planning of the deadly attack.” This phrase is a bit confusing.

First, the intelligence “…has prompted U.S. officials to question whether officials in Tehran…” is pretty vague. U.S. officials are questioning? Yes, and they will be questioning their human intelligence until they have some robust confirmation. Second, note that they mention whether officials in Tehran “…had a direct role in approving or planning” the assault.

While it is obvious that Iran does not have to play a direct part, this doesn’t excuse its complicity. Tehran has been encouraging Hamas to continue this effort for many months, if no years. Iran provides Hamas with weapons, training, and technology. Iran does not have to send officials to Gaza to meet Hamas leaders and say, “We’d like you to do A by date B” in order to prove its involvement.

Iran was certainly involved. Iran will continue to sponsor radical Islamic terror until it is forced to stop. It’s the elephant that the American media is reluctant to address.

This is my comment:

Sources did not identify the Iranian officials who were surprised by Hamas’s attack. The officials, however, were of a high level and would have been informed before any attack about Tehran’s support.

The White House National Security Council as well as the CIA declined comment.

If you were to use Occam’s Razor and apply your knowledge of Iran’s typical behavior, it would be obvious that the Iranian officials are lying. Recently, it was discovered that the Islamic Republic is gathering intelligence about their possible attempts to influence their own government. This speaks volumes as to their intentions.

As my colleague reported previously, the U.S. & Qatar have already refrozen the infamous 6 billion dollar payout to Iran. This speaks volumes about what the U.S. & Qatar think of the likelihood that Iran will aid Hamas. Especially when you consider the fact that Qatar is not a particularly friendly nation to Israel.

The claim that Iran was unaware of Hamas’ intent to attack Israel is as untrue as Captain Louis Renault’s surprise when he discovered gambling in Rick Blaine’s Casablanca Nightclub.