Iowa Police Officer Clings to Car Hood in High-Stakes Chase


A newly released video shows a police officer in Iowa clinging on to the hood as the car’s driver tries to flee, during a 2021 incident.

The bodycam footage from the Carroll Police Department came after the driver was sentenced to five years in prison in connection with the March 5, 2021, encounter.

KCCI in Des Moines reported that Officer Patrick McCarty informed Dennis Guider Jr. in the car of an Illinois arrest warrant.

Guider sat in the driver’s seat and started the car. The officer then pulled his gun.

McCarty, who was still on the hood of the car as it continued to move, was on top of the vehicle while the other officers arrived at the scene.

Stop the car! The officer is heard screaming at the driver.

McCarty fell and broke his spine when the vehicle struck a ditch. Guider was arrested and pleaded guilty to serious injury caused by a vehicle. He said he was afraid for his life after McCarty pulled his gun.

The Des Moines Register reported that Guider had written in a February letter to the Carroll County Clerk of Court, “I was afraid for my life when the officer pulled out his gun and jumped on the hood of my car.”

The police department has been contacted for further information.

Here is the video: