Instant Fact-Checking Debunks Rashida Tlaib’s False Tweet About Israel


It is not news that a member of The (Clown) Squad attacks Israel in an anti-Semitic manner. It’s safe to say that any attack, whether verbal or written, from Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, or Rashida Tlaib will be laced with hatred and lies.

Twitter’s crowdsourced system of fact-checking instantly destroyed Tlaib’s latest hateful anti-Israel attack. This is further proof of why, according to a Pew Research Center study, the percentage of Republican Twitter users that say the platform is mostly good for democracy has increased from 17 percent up to 43 percent ever since Elon Musk purchased the social media platform.

Anyone who has even the most basic knowledge of Israel’s origins and its ongoing struggle for coexistence with the Palestinians will be able to spot the lies within Tlaib’s tweet.

McCarthy wants to rewrite history, but Israel’s apartheid was created by violence and ethnic cleansing. The Nakba is still ongoing 75 years after it began.

Nakba, an Arabic word that means “catastrophe”, is used to describe Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948, including its expulsion of Palestinians, dispossession of Palestinian properties, destruction of Palestinian towns and villages, as well as its attempts to eradicate the Palestinians from their homeland.

Kevin McCarthy did not try to rewrite the history of Israel or anything else like that. It was Tlaib, who tried to rewrite the history of Israel in response to McCarthy’s (above), tweet.

We share a special bond with Israel and the United States: we were the first two countries to be born in freedom and committed to the idea that we all are equal. I know that the best days of Israel, and our unbreakable relationship, are ahead.

It may be just me, but I don’t see any lies in Speaker’s comments.

Twitter’s crowd-sourced fact-checking service instantly detected the lies in Tlaib’s tweet

Oopsie, Rashida.

Fox News has provided more information on the fact check displayed beneath Tlaib’s tweet.

First, the fact check explains that Israel was founded by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181. The document can be found on the official U.N. website.

The Twitter fact-check then pointed out that Tlaib’s “ethnic cleansing” was “affecting both Jewish and Arab community caught in the war initiated 5 Arab states opposed to the existence of Israel.”

The final note noted that Israel’s Arab residents have a declining infant mortality rate and a rising life expectancy. It cited a Democracy Institute report that showed that the Arab population of Israel had “full and equal rights.”

Oopsie, indeed. This is the perfect example of how the left lost all its crap after Elon entered Twitter Town with a wad full of cash, and never looked back. Tlaib’s lie-infested ranting would have been unchecked in Twitter 1.0, just like much other leftist propaganda and lies on the site.

Musk has said that “no one will be exempt” from fact-checking, and it is reasonable to assume that this would include both sides of the argument. Why?

If we don’t challenge lies on our side, it damages our credibility – a quality that the Democrat Party doesn’t care about.