Indiana Schools Caught Concealing Critical Race Theory Curriculum from Parents in Undercover Video


I’m a parent and would like to believe that schools deliberately indoctrinate children or try to hide their actions from parents. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult to give schools the benefit of doubt in recent years.

Accuracy In Media (AIM), a newly released undercover film, highlights the deceptive tactics that public schools use to instill harmful and erroneous ideas in children such as critical race theories.

This video exposes a number of school administrators from Indiana who are openly admitting their attempts to mislead parents regarding the educational content presented to their children. These assistant superintendents, curriculum coordinators, and teachers are implicated as willing participants.

Laura Delvecchio is the assistant superintendent at Plainfield Community Schools. She boasted of her school’s ability to “remain undetected” while presenting critical race theory principles (CRT) through its Social Emotional Learning content.

Delvecchio clarified that the school system has undertaken a thorough review of its curriculum. This includes a “white privilege walk” which is intentionally hidden from parents.

She explained, “We’ve decided not to draw attention to this because if you do that then you will be asked questions and I believe you can do a lot more good without being noticed.”

Brad Sheppard, assistant superintendent in northern Indiana, explained that the Elkhart Schools actively try to teach SEL by avoiding words and labels related to them.

“We just have to avoid the words, you know? The labels,” he explains. “[SEL] has become a bad phrase and we don’t openly use that phrase but we’re still doing it, so. I mean, just to avoid anything, I mean, we have not really been hit with it, but just to even avoid it.”

Brad Sheppard’s real goal is to prevent parents from disapproving of the propaganda that schools teach children. The video shows that school officials are all in agreement that parents should know as little as possible.

Some educators “prepare” textbook presenters so that controversial topics they should not be teaching are not revealed.

“We’ve talked to our textbooks companies who are coming to present and I’m actually preparing them a bit because I was like, ‘we want to include this in our curriculum, so if you can just say this, then it won’t cause a problem with the community.’ I hate to have to do this but it will still be there and they’d support it if only the content is there, they just-its-the title,” Jenny Oakley told AIM Investigators.

In the last few years, parents were outraged to learn that their children are being taught rubbish that contradicts their beliefs and values. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the institutions deceive parents about what and how they are teaching their children. This is a total and utter shame. This can happen anywhere.