In Lebanon a Stray Dog Finds and Saves Abandoned Baby


Media reports claim that a stray dog found in Lebanon carried an abandoned baby inside a black trash bag outside a government office.

The National reported that the dog was holding a bag in its mouth and a passerby could hear cries from within. The child was transferred from the Islamic Hospital to another facility after being taken to Tripoli, a northern city.

Images of the girl appear to show bruises and abrasions all over her body and face.

Users of social media condemned the abandonment by the parents of the baby.


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One user tweeted: “The dog is much more humane, kind, cunning, and intelligent than some satanic mutations in human form.”

Ghassan Rifi, a journalist from Lebanon, said that the authorities have not been able to determine who left the child.

He wrote: “It is not known if the ‘wild woman’ who threw her child in an area where dogs could eat her body or if she threw her there to attract attention, had the intention to do so to finish her off.”

According to reports, the child was recovering at the hospital.

In recent weeks, several cases of child abuse have been reported in Lebanon.

Lynn Talib, 6 years old, died in the northern region of Miniyeh at the beginning of this month. The medical forensic reports showed that she was sexually abused before her death.