Impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas Inches Closer


Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security at DHS, has allowed the border to degenerate into a crisis that affects both national security as well as humanitarian issues. Mayorkas denies this crisis even exists. He is also accused of lying to Congress about it. For a while, it has been said that impeachment proceedings are more a question of “when”, rather than “if.”

Mark Green, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, revealed the preliminary findings of an investigation into Mayorkas’s conduct on Wednesday. This was the first step towards what will likely be his impeachment.

Don’t get excited just yet. Green said that the investigation would be conducted in stages, and should conclude within 12 weeks. The initial findings support the allegations that Mayorkas misled Congress and the public.

In just two years, under the leadership of Secretary Mayorkas, the number of encounters along our Southwest border has doubled in comparison to the previous administration. Over 1.5 million fugitives have been identified as having entered our country. Drug cartels are controlling our Southwest border, and flooding our communities with Fentanyl,” Green stated in a Wednesday statement. “This isn’t a coincidence, this is a failure to perform our duties.” Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security swore to uphold the Constitution and faithfully perform the duties of his position. The Committee has repeatedly learned through witness testimony and direct insight from those on the front that the American people are forced to pay the cost of his failure.

Green added, “There’s no doubt that Secretary Mayorkas was the architect of open border policies that brought us to this point. It is vital that the Committee fulfills its congressional oversight duties, and leaves no stone untouched in its effort to gather the facts. This preliminary report is only the first step in getting to the bottom of this crisis. It will demonstrate why the Committee’s investigation was necessary and shed light on the reckless policy decisions which have caused the worst border crisis ever seen by Americans.

DHS released a statement that defended Mayorkas and called for Congress to reform the immigration system.

“Secretary Mayorkas is proud to serve the American public, advance the noble mission, and support the Department’s extraordinary workforce. The Department will continue enforcing our laws, securing our border, protecting the United States against terrorism, improving our cybersecurity, and building a safe and orderly immigration system, according to the statement. Instead of pointing the finger and making baseless accusations, Congress should work together with the Department to pass comprehensive legislation that will fix our broken immigration systems, which have not been updated for decades.

While I am not pleased with the extended timeline, I would like to think that the GOP is building the strongest case possible to make sure impeachment will be a breeze.