Impaired Bus Driver Who Fatally Struck Bicyclist Cuts No-Jail Plea Deal With Soros-Backed DA


The progressive, Soros-backed district attorney of Austin, Texas recently reached a no-jail plea agreement with a bus driver who struck a bicyclist after being under the influence of prescription drugs.

Mindi Stafford, Austin CapMetro driver, struck 39-year-old Anthony John Diaz while driving a bus on the University of Texas-Austin campus.

After being dragged for more than 100 feet under the bus, Diaz was declared dead on the spot. The crash was captured on security footage. It was evident that Stafford didn’t brake until he had hit Diaz.

The bus’s 11 passengers told authorities they had seen Diaz prior to the accident.

According to reports, Stafford was acting strangely and talking to himself. Authorities found four prescription drugs in Stafford’s bag, with a variety of side effects including confusion, dizziness, and drowsiness. Stafford failed the sobriety tests but was not tested for illegal drugs or alcohol.

Jose Garza, the Travis County District Attorney, was a progressive who received thousands of dollars from billionaire George Soros. He offered Stafford a plea bargain to reduce her charges of manslaughter and criminally negligent murder.

Garza was elected DA in January 2021 despite not having any experience as a prosecutor. Garza ran on his promise to investigate police misconduct and not prosecute low-level drug offenses. He also promised to reform the county’s cash bail system.

Garza offered Stafford a deal that would have allowed her to avoid jail and instead received seven years of deferred adjudication — basically probation.

Adam Loewy was an attorney representing the Diaz family and he told KTBC-TV he was “very troubled by” the deal.

Loewy said that this woman should spend time in prison reflecting upon the murder of this young man.

In September, Garza was criticized for giving Leo Anthony Carreto Lopez, 19, a 10-day sentence after he killed Teresa Gonzales (19) in a drunken driving accident.

Dennis Farris, president of the Austin Police Retired Officers Association, and an Austin officer said that Stafford’s plea deal is yet another example of Garza’s inability to protect victims of crime.

Farris stated that it was a clear message to Travis County criminals to commit crimes. The DA will let them off and they can return to committing crimes.

He said that Stafford should keep her nose clean during the seven-year delay adjudication. She will be able to maintain a clean record.

Farris stated that if someone kills somebody while impaired, they will face no consequences. The person must be sent to prison. They had to be sent to prison.

Fox News Digital reported that Garza’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Last week, Austin police officers torched Garza because he failed to keep the community safe.

The DA’s office tweeted that the meeting was over. “DA Garza reminded the community that our office does not have a policy prohibiting an officer from making a lawful arrested.” Inaccurate information about certain offenses not being prosecuted by our office would be detrimental to the community’s safety.