Imagine Biden Refusing to Leave the White House – What Happens Next?


Since Donald Trump announced his presidential run in June 2015 by riding down an escalator in Trump Tower, Democrats and Never Trumpers have invented and spread one false, dangerous, and divisive accusation after another.

The latest thing they’ve been saying is that Trump would become a dictator and refuse to leave once his term ends. The liberal media is awash with this idea, and the Biden campaign’s main talking point seems to be “democracy at stake” in the event that Trump wins the election.

Hillary Clinton wrote, “Eighty-years-ago today, thousands brave Americans fought on the Normandy shores to protect democracy.” Clinton’s message is interpreted by many as a not so subtle blending of Trump, Hitler, and the Third Reich. Clinton is wrong to sully the memory of these World War II heroes by spouting vile, hateful and bitter vitriol, reported a Democratic consultant who went as far as saying: “The Republican Party at this point is basically a home terrorist cell, and they should bet treated as such.”

It is obvious that such language and speculations are irresponsible, and could be dangerous. It is a language and speculation that has a purpose, which is to scare enough Americans who are gullible or uninformed to vote for Biden to “save America” in November.

In a conversation with a few Democratic friends, the reverse scenario, though mostly in jest, was mentioned. This scenario is that, ironically, Biden could have either delayed the election due to “MAGA unrest” and rebellion or refused to leave the White House after losing the November election.

Some on the left may say “outrageous”. Liberal pundits may add, “How dare yo utter such reckless nonsense!” They never object when they say the same thing about Trump. It’s interesting how this works.

Two main scenarios were portrayed in relation to Biden refusing to leave or postponing his election. First, some media outlets — with a wink coming from the Biden White House– seem to be deliberately fanning the wind of civil war across the country. This theory is that millions of Trump supporters will become more and angry as a result of his conviction or the possibility of him being jailed. They’ll then take to the streets, causing Biden to delay the election.

This is a fictional story that would be suitable for a woke Hollywood film, but it has no relation to reality. Perhaps the liberal activists who promoted this theory were thinking of the far-left vandals and rioters who caused billions of dollars of damage after George Floyd’s death.

It turns out that what the “crazed MAGA supporters” did after Trump was found innocent — in what was widely believed to be a sham trail meant to keep Trump off the November ballot by weaponizing law — was to peacefully help raise an unprecedented $53 million within 24 hours. No rioting. No vandalizing. No to marches in the street with pitchforks or torches.

The next scenario is more worrying. Concerns about President Biden’s cognitive abilities. The Wall Street Journal has just published an article entitled “Behind closed doors, Biden shows signs of slippage.”

The Journal reported that Biden, 81 years old, is the oldest president. Age and cognitive fitness are major issues for his second-term campaign. … some of his former colleagues, Democrats, and those who knew him from when he was vice president have described him as a slower president.

The Journal reported, as if to confirm suspicions that a cover-up was taking place, that the White House had closely monitored some of its interviews with Democratic legislators. Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y., referred to the White House by saying, “They just said that I should call you back.”

As in “forget about what I said”. It’s what they told you to say. Or for us, “Are going to you believe your lying eye or what the Biden White House tells you?”

When discussing Biden’s cognitive ability with my Democratic friends, the question was asked: What if Biden loses in November to Trump but is unable to accept that he has lost and refuses concession? Biden, too, is fair game, given the poisonous “what-ifs” that many on the left have been hurling at Trump.

But… he shouldn’t be.

It would be much better if we could all stop the fearmongering and agree that neither Trump or Biden are dictators and will never refuse to leave when their terms end.

The fictional president Andrew Shepherd in the film “The American Presidency” said: “America isn’t easy.” America is a country of advanced citizens… We need to find serious solutions to our problems, and serious people are needed to do so.

Agreed. Let’s be serious.