Illinois Teacher Fired for Being Satanist, Suffering Psychosis


An article published on Libs of TikTok showed that the author was searching for posts by Leftists on social media to show their mentality and goals. The author discovered posts from Kris Martin, an elementary school teacher who taught in Homer Glen. Martin claims to suffer from bipolar I disorder, mania, and psychosis. You can view the post below.

The author found another Facebook cover photo of a likely shot from a film. It shows a young girl drenched in blood. She appears to be in a state of death or has just been killed. In the background, there are two bloodied hands.

Users of X wanted more information about Martin, and how this person ended up being an elementary teacher in the school. Libs of TikTok claims that the district initially turned off comments and deleted their social media posts about Martin. The Superintendent did announce that an investigation would take place. The school board voted at a meeting held on Sunday to dismiss Martin. The screening process in the 33C district school district is deemed inadequate by Libs of TikTok. I’m not familiar with 33C’s vetting procedure, but we know that conservatives who use social media to post are often vetted for any slight deviation from the social norms. One may conclude from the photo that Martin is biologically male. Martin could identify as a man, a woman, or non-binary. It is up to each individual to decide how they identify. Martin’s proclivities or identity are not at issue. The issue is rather the statement: “I did things under conditions of psychosis or mania which were violent and hurtful.” I am not my illness. I am ME! I am ME! “And I LOVE ME!” This is a Satanist classic: I love myself. Satanism is a religion of selfishness. In 21st-century America selfishness is the currency of the realm.

Martin would not have been a teacher if he had truly cared about the children. As behavioral standards continue to decline, I believe that we will see more of these people in the future. How can a society so invested in breaking down boundaries and requiring them to be broken set any standards? Fortunately, District 33C took appropriate action. At the current rate, “going too far’ will not be an option in the future. How many violent criminals have been released? How many vandalisms and acts of destruction have gone unnoticed, or worse yet, praised? This future is rapidly approaching and is in many ways already here.

Martin’s story is an easy one to follow with the usual invectives about the slow march of the Left through institutions and the mission creep that continues in schools. There should be compassion for them. What happened in Martin’s past caused him to turn to Satan and declare to the world he had experienced violent psychotic episodes. What causes people to mutilate themselves and inject themselves with unnecessary hormones, or even mutilate the body? You can tell by the photos, videos, and posts that these people are never happy or at ease. They appear to be arrogant, defiant, and angry at times. They claim they’ve found what they’re looking for but they still have no joy. They deserve our compassion.

Compassion and unrestrained suffering are not the same thing. The choices one makes in life are his or her own, and he or she is free to treat himself as he/she pleases. One is not allowed to force the world to accept or celebrate their choices. If this freedom is claimed, then it should also be available to the opposing party. This is not true at the moment. People who are first to complain about marginalization or oppression are likely to be willing to do both. If living your truth is a way to force others to do the same, then it’s a form of cultural imperialism. We can choose to set boundaries, or not.

We have the choice every day to choose between good and evil, right and wrong. It looks like society is now unable to distinguish between right and wrong. We can choose to do what’s right, but in America, we will also be buffeted and tossed around. You are the only thing that stands between chaos and your life and mine for the moment.