Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Faces Backlash Over Pro-Hamas Stance, Her Response Shocks Everyone


There is no group more entitled than those who call themselves “pro-Palestinian,” and Rep. Ilhan’s daughter has been a shining example.

Isra Hirsi, who was arrested and suspended on Thursday from Columbia University for setting up a pro-Hamas encampment in the CHAZ style on campus – Isra ran to Teen Vogue about her ordeal. Her statements are not tone-deaf, but they are hilarious though.

“I was a bit frantic. I mean, where will I sleep? Where am I going? All of my s— is also thrown into a random lot. It’s awful,” she told Teen Vogue.

“I don’t know when I will be able to go home and I don’t know if I will ever be able to.”

It’s incredibly satisfying to watch these rich, spoiled kids experience the world for the very first time, even if it is a little disturbing. Hirsi thought she would be punished for illegally trespassing, setting up a tent city, and refusing to leave despite repeated requests.

Remember that (as far as we are aware) she was not even charged. She was able to get off with a simple suspension, which will be lifted as soon as the pro-Hamas demonstrations in Columbia have been dispersed. She’s still crying as if she were thrown in a gulag. Where is she going to go to sleep? She could stay with her mom for a couple of nights.

Do we believe that the daughter of a congressman who attends a university for $90,000 per year has no other options? Joe Biden pretending to be working class is like this. This poor-mouthing is not being taken seriously.

Hirsi claimed that she was unable to get any help from Barnard’s administration staff when she asked for it.

She said, “I sent an email saying, ‘Hey I rely upon campus for my meals. I rely upon my dining plan.’ And they were like Oh, you can pick up a prepackaged food bag, 48 hours after my suspension.” “There was nothing in the way of food assistance, nothing.”

Hirsi may have acted rashly if “food support” was so important to her. Her complaints reminded me of Jack Petocz, a recently expelled Vanderbilt Student who broke into a school administration building to complain that the school denied him water, food, and bathroom breaks. They are all tough-guy revolutionarys until they have to face the slightest consequence for their actions. They then become puddles of tears, complaining that they don’t receive their daily rations.

Hirsi went on to tell Teen Vogue she was only held for eight hours following her arrest, accusing police of inhumane treatment. It was not long enough for me.