Hypocrite AOC Believes All Rich Should be Taxed More, Except for Her


Socialist countries have a political class that does not want to share the benefits of the workers’ paradise they created. Instead of living in slums, eating unpalatable food, and working in state-owned factories all day for the benefit of the state, they live in luxurious homes and eat lobster and caviar. These rules apply to those who believe in socialist propaganda and who are forced to follow them.

Those who actually make the rules in the dictatorship of the proletariat don’t feel any obligation to live as if they really were proletarians. It works the same way among socialists in the U.S., as has been made abundantly clear in the congressional ethics investigation of one of the nation’s foremost spokespeople for the workers, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Swizzle Stick).

AOC’s investigation is focused on her appearance at the Met Gala in September 2021. According to the New York Post, it is “the number one social event for rich, famous, and beautiful people in the world.” According to the UK’s Daily Mail, AOC’s anticorruption lawyer informed the congresswoman’s staff that she could attend the Met Gala, provided she was listed as a guest of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and not Vogue magazine. Unless, of course, you are AOC, and the rules are only for elite mouthpieces.

AOC’s corruption watchdog warned her that she might be in violation of federal rules if she is listed as a guest at Vogue. “The attorney feared that she would be listed as such because she received gifts from companies that use lobbyists like Advance Media Publications.” AOC’s true credo was clear: Tax the wealthy, except me.

According to the New York Post, the Office of Congressional Ethics stated that AOC’s staff had exchanged emails with the Met in an effort to “thread” the “needle,” in one Met staffer’s phrasing. In light of Vogue’s position, a far-Left governing officer receives special favors from both a far Left corporation and an institution. Then they try to hide it all. This has never happened before!

And it doesn’t end there. AOC dallied for six full months before she got around to paying her makeup bill of $344.85 for that night. She only paid when the ethics investigation began and after the makeup artist had handed the bill over to a collection agency. AOC didn’t pay it for six months, only after the ethics investigation started. The intrepid socialist crusader did the same thing with her hair bill of $477.73: she also only paid it after the ethics probe started. The hairstylist’s representation had warned AOC’s staff that “it would look terrible if we had to file a complaint with the NY Dept of Labor against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” AOC likewise didn’t pay her hotel bill of $4,602.92 until eight months after the event, around the same time she paid the $406.09 bill for her boyfriend’s shoes and bow tie and $571.59 for the car service.

AOC probably considered all unpaid bills the price she paid to have her services before the ethics investigation started. In a similar fashion, one can picture a grateful Soviet citizen refusing payment for the privilege to repair Comrade Stalin’s shoes. The Post took a look at all the questionable behavior of AOC regarding the Met Gala and commented acidly that “we now know how socialism works: Don’t pay for stuff .” AOC staffer told the designer that she shouldn’t appear “rich”. One way to avoid looking rich is to not pay your bills. That’s it. These rules are only for those who believe the socialist message AOC propagates. The illustrious congresswoman is not included.