Hunter Biden Probe Investigators Fired by IRS, Whistleblower Alleges Retaliation by Administration


The IRS terminated the entire team of investigators who were looking into Hunter Biden. A whistleblower in the group claimed that the Biden administration was retaliating for his disclosures.

The whistleblower accused the Biden administration in April of obstructing improperly the investigation into the President’s Son.

Mark Lytle, an attorney, wrote to Congressmen claiming that a whistleblower had provided information proving the Biden Administration’s improper decisions.

“Political considerations had an impact on agents’ decision to take investigative steps.” “Political considerations do not usually form part of the toolkit for a career investigator,” Lytle explained.

The New York Post reports that the IRS fired the whistleblower’s group on Monday.

Attorneys for the whistleblower in Congress said, “Today we informed the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Supervisory Special agent that we represent that he and the entire investigative staff are being removed from an ongoing and sensitive investigation into the controversial and high-profile subject regarding which our client wanted to make whistleblower revelations to Congress.”

The whistleblower also claims that they were told by the Department of Justice that the decision had been made on their behalf.

Although the whistleblower did not confirm that the case was the one involving Hunter Biden’s murder, congressional sources, and the Wall Street Journal have confirmed this claim.

In April, IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel told the House Committee on Ways and Means that no whistleblower would face retaliation.

The whistleblowers’ attorneys told Congress that “this move is clear retaliation and could also be obstruction of an inquiry by Congress”.

They added, “We respectfully ask that you pay immediate attention to this matter.” The client’s original intention was to raise the issue of removing the experienced investigators, who worked on this case for many years and were now subject matter experts.

Hunter Biden’s tax returns have been investigated since 2018.

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