How Could the U.S. Miss Highly Sensitive Leaked Documents Going Around on Social Media?


Twitter? Really? Telegram? Not possible. Gamer boards? Come on, be for real!

We’re just starting to see the extent and severity of the highly sensitive information that was leaked onto various social media sites including Twitter. Amazingly classified documents have been circulated on message boards since January.

The Biden administration didn’t know.

It may take weeks to assess the damage done to U.S. diplomatic and military intelligence assets. Given the way certain documents were sent, it is possible that we will never know how they got there.

Discord members saw the first information about global topics in winter. In January, the same user began posting images of classified documents.

The New York Times published an article on the leaks in April 2006. The White House also was caught flat-footed.

According to one official in the U.S., “no one in the U.S. Government knew that they were out there”. Another senior administration official said, “They couldn’t explain how they didn’t know. ”

John Cohen is an ex-acting Undersecretary for Intelligence Analysis and Security at the Department of Homeland Security. He stated that it is unlikely that federal agencies actively monitor online forums for threat-related activity.

We know this is false. We are aware that the Feds monitor all online forums looking for “threat-related activity.” This includes Islamist and right-wing groups.

There is no way to control the situation.

Current and former officials have stated that although each agency is responsible for investigating intelligence breaches within its department, it is not responsible for monitoring social media sites looking for classified leaks.

The Pentagon and the National Security Council declined to comment.

The U.S. government (including the Pentagon and intelligence agencies) maintains that it does not spy on Americans. There is the possibility that spying could be done by monitoring these forums to find illegally leaked material.

A user claimed to have worked on a military base and was one of the sources of the leaked documents.

The young member carefully read the message and added hundreds of words each day for several months. The source of the message was not identified by the member. OG said that he spent time in a safe area that prohibited electronic devices and cell phones. This could have been used for documenting secret information on government computer networks or spooling off printers.

OG told the group that he spent hours crafting classified documents for his Discord server friends.

It’s almost unbelievable to read the story of how Post of OG posted hundreds of photographs of classified documents. While he was not found guilty of treason, he managed to escape from a secure area.

Not only are U.S. secrets nearly wide open for perusal but no one is in charge of detecting leaks. It’s not a very comforting thought that our secrets can be blasted all over the internet without anyone in the government knowing or doing anything about it.