House Republicans Reward FBI With $375 Million Housing Allowance


It couldn’t possibly last, could it?

The same legislative body that announced they had subpoenaed several members of the Biden criminal family decided to be generous to the American taxpayers on the day that the House Republicans made their announcement.

Roll Call:

General Services Administration confirmed on Wednesday that Maryland will be the site of the new FBI Headquarters. This follows a long and highly publicized competition to determine where the facility should be built.

GSA had recently narrowed the search down to three sites: two in Maryland and Virginia. Officials and legislators from both states pushed hard for the project with the promise of jobs and economic benefits.

A dispute over the selection criteria delayed for a short time a massive $1.7 trillion fiscal 2023 spending bill, which included $375 million to relocate the FBI out of a dilapidated Washington building on Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest.

It’s the same FBI that has spent most of its time harassing conservative voters and pretending we are all domestic terrorists.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., tried to pass an amendment that would have at least restricted the funding for the new offices of the rogue agency. But 70 Republicans joined the Democrats in voting against it. The “Go Along to Get Along’ wing of the GOP always has ridiculous arguments, like this one from Rep. Steve Womack in Newsweek.

He said, “We won’t always hate the FBI.” “I understand that some people on my side don’t like the FBI.” I won’t get into an argument about that. “But what I’ll argue is that Congress should not be taking steps that would deny an agency that, in my opinion, is badly in need of an upgrade in its headquarters.”

Are you certain about this, Congressman? The Bureau has done a lot of work to spread ill feelings among the American Right. Many people are not losing faith in the current FBI leadership, but instead in the institution as a whole. The rot won’t be cured by a shiny new workplace.

It is a real insult that money was given to the FBI for spending in a blue state. It’s as if the GOP paid a dominatrix in order to humiliate them.

Many of my conservative colleagues and friends have suggested that if Congress was going to approve a new Bureau headquarters, then it should be moved to a red state in flyover land. Make the HQ feel more like a punishment and exile than an upwardly mobile job.

No one in Congress has ever thought outside the box.

Leaving aside Rep. Womack’s sensitive feelings, it is fitting that Christopher Wray and Company work in rundown offices. The dilapidated offices might distract them from their plans for the presidential election next year.