Hilarious Babylon Bee Take as Californians Return to CA, But Discover Who They Truly Are


Texas native, I fled a blue state to become free in Texas. It was an amazing experience to see the hilarious Babylon Bee story about Timpani from California and Steve, who arrived in Texas to explore a new world.

They were wearing masks and feared their neighbors when they arrived. They then canvassed for Beto Ol’Rourke.

Steve found joy in eating meat while on their Texas adventure. Timpani fell in love with guns.

During their last adventure, they discovered that there was a Texas institution called Bucees. Steve was attracted to the variety of jerky available and Buc-ees’ adorable mascot.

We were then left with a cliffhanger. They were returning to California. The first 30 seconds of the video are filled with Steve’s Texas memories. Then the thrilling and satisfying journey to the end begins.

Steve had trouble with the right pronouns, particularly for the woman wearing a beard. Timpani is a big fan of the “Bless Your Heart!” comment. She is a “good girl/boy who has a gun” success story. It is a comforting realization they are both Texans and this is a great joy.

Six months later, the Texans are welcoming the new, everything-phobic, mask-wearing Californians to their neighborhood. It’s a fantastic ending.

Although it’s a sad ending for their story, I will be certifying them as Texas transplants. This isn’t funny, it’s also true.